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Editorial # 45 Illegal Immigration LB 502 aired Feb. 26, 2019

Editorial #45 Immigration, February 26, 2019

Most of us remember the tragic bank robbery in Norfolk, Sara Root’s senseless death, the violent death of Louise Sollowin and then Mollie Tibbetts — the searing pain experienced by those families is near and dear to all Nebraskans.    And yet, Senator Megan Hunt of District #8 has introduced a bill to create a sanctuary status in our state, Nebraska the “good life”.   It wasn’t good for Sara,


Editorial #44 Societal Demise LB 167+504 Feb. 21, 2019

Editorial #44 Social Decay Feb 21, 2019

With almost universal agreement from anyone who is involved with and/or cares about their community, the common remark about what they see in society today is: “How can things seem to be so bad and dysfunctional?”  How did we get to a point where anti-patriotic actors become heroes with practically every TV show and movie centered on non-conventional family situations where alternative life styles are glamorized? 


Editorial #43 Climate Change aired Feb. 19, 2019

Editorial # 43 Climate Change February 19, 2019

With the ever increasing number of candidates entering the race to run against President Trump in 2020, there is a battle for which ideas will gain the most support.  With the economy a non-starter for Democrats, there are numerous trial balloons being launched. The list of issues goes from social justice, race reform, gender identity, health care, abortion, income inequality to environmentalism. 


Editorial #42 Civics In School LB 399 aired Feb. 14, 2019

Editorial #42 Civics in School February 14,2019

If we truly live in the freest nation in the world but cannot determine or guide what our public education system is teaching our children, are we really free?

It is amazing how apathetic we have become with the influences of social media and news sources that constantly re-characterizes everything to advance an agenda that seems to violate our core values of truth, fairness,


Editorial #41 Nonpartisan Ballot LB 72+211 Feb 12, 2019

Editorial #41 Nonpartisan Ballots February 12, 2019

The function of our government is to do only three things: Provide security, Provide infrastructure and make laws that protects our personal rights in our Constitutional Democratic Republic. As simple as these three items appear to be, there is a constant attempt by our elected politicians (who are not our leaders, by the way) to constantly try to give more of our tax dollars away by voting for things that are outside of their constitutional job description of providing security,


Editorial #40 The Mail-In Ballot Feb 5, 2019

Editorial # 40 The Mail in Ballot: February 5, 2019

The process of voting has been a foundation of our republic and a privilege in our democracy for as long as our great country has existed. It is rooted in fairness and designed to protect us from the corruption that has always tried to infect any sort of organized society.
The seriousness and importance of this issues cannot be underestimated and is also the weakest point in the machinery of managing a government with its founding principles and values to be: “of the people,


Editorial #39 Property Taxes for January 31, 2019

Editorial #39 Property Tax aired January 31, 2019

There will be over 1000 bills introduced in our legislature this term with only a modest handful trying to address the most important and serious issue we have in Nebraska, Property Tax.  The seriousness cannot be underestimated and if not addressed immediately, nothing else will really matter as we will have a state with only poor people wanting to live off the government.

Practically every candidate in the past election cycle said they were going to try to fix property taxes but few are really taking it on and none have any new ideas as to what to do. 


Editorial #26 National Convention of States January 29, 2019

National Convention of States

There is a quiet movement happening in country known as a National Convention of States with under tones similar to the Brexit vote in Great Britain.  Supporters like to call it a National Convention of States, which sounds less threatening, but the differentiation is a difference without a distinction.  The concept, on the surface, has merits with honest objectives by many supporters but there is another side to this idea that has concerning parallels to a “Trojan Horse”


Editorial #37 Legislative Season January 22, 2019

Editorial #37 Legislative Season January 22, 2019
Every year in January a new season opens in Nebraska. It is a season like any other season, be it hunting, fishing, football or baseball but this season is known as the legislative session. It is a season where almost everything is fair game and where there are 49 elected hunters in Lincoln who are hunting to find something to fix, whether it needs fixing or not.


Editorial #27 Trickle Down Economics January 17, 2019

Trickle Down Economics

With the Federal Tax Bill and the National Debt now major news topics, a phrase that has been bantered around for about 40 years called “Trickle Down Economics” is commonly being mentioned.  It is one of the most misunderstood “tag lines” used to describe modern day economics.  The application of this misunderstanding continues to infect the thinking of the liberal agenda.  It is most often used to impugn economic policies that are thought to be unfair,