Keith Kube


Editorial #135 Traditions and Laws aired January 7, 2020

Editorial #135 Traditions and Laws

This is the time of year when empathy for the less fortune and under privileged is promoted by asking everyone to be more generous and supportive. No one can disagrees that being kind, gentle and generous is the not right thing to do in making the world a better place. The golden rule and our core values must always be a part of making the world better.


Editorial #137 “How to Protect the Country” aired January 14, 2020

Editorial #137 How to Protect the Country

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.” This is the oath taken by our president and all members of congress when being sworn into office.

The meaning of these words leaves little room for interpretation,


Editorial #136 “Red Flag Laws and Emotions” aired January 9, 2020

Editorial #136 Red Flag Laws and Emotions

In this age of technology, law makers are always testing the limits of our Constitution’s Second and Fourth Amendments that guarantees our right to bear arms and prohibits the government from unreasonable searches and seizure. These are reasonable limitations to place on any government that may thirst for power. We need to have the right to protect ourselves and someone just can’t come to you and look through your wallet or purse just to see what’s inside.


Editorial #134 “Losing Tolerance” aired January 2, 2020

Editorial #134 Losing Tolerance

Aristotle said over 2000 year ago: “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” The hypocrisy and indifference we all see today is an alarming indicator. I hope this is not the beginning of the end of Our Constitutional Republic.

Political correctness is redefining the words in the preamble to our Constitution. The “pursuit of happiness” is now means “entitlements”. “We the people” now means everyone regardless of citizenship.


Editorial #132 “Happy New Year” aired December 31, 2019

Editorial #132 Happy New Year

As we grows older and celebrate the arrival of the New Year, it is interesting to ponder how much faster time seems to pass as we age. To remember our first day of school, our mother greeting us when we got home or our first kiss from someone who was not our mother, we can reminisce and appreciate the fact we made it to this moment to even hear or read this sentence.


Editorial #130 “Climate Change Revisited” aired December 26, 2019

Editorial #130 Climate Change Revisited

After a Swedish high school girl was named Time Magazine’s person of the year, Man-made Climate Change is again in the news. It shows length the liberal media will go to advance their dishonest agenda. These children are pawns, who know nothing about the subject. They spew emotional tantrums to advance a hoax designed to redistribute wealth and find more suckers to give them money. This is similar to President Obama’s winning the Nobel Prize for doing nothing.


Editorial #131 Merry Christmas aired December 24, 2019

Editorial #131 Merry Christmas

I would love to believe that Christmas is a time where all the anger, hate, stealing and revenge would stop. It is sad to say, that won’t happen because these vices must exist for us to know what faith, hope, love and charity is.

We must know what “down” is to know what is “up”. We must know what “cold” is to know what is “hot”. We must know “war” to know “peace”.


Editorial #127 Social Media and Confidentiality aired December 19, 2019

Editorial #127 Social Media and Confidentiality

Social media is becoming the scourge of society. I have become unwittingly addicted to Facebook and I detest it. I have better things to do than to argue, with someone I will never meet, about points that have been made millions of times before, with little chance of changing anyone’s mind. It also provides data to be mined by advertisers.

This communication form violates all our core values as it allows lies,


Editorial #128 Census Questions and Voter ID aired December 17, 2019

Editorial #128 Census Question and Voter ID

The news on impeachment is exposing the hypocrisy of our politicians and bureaucracies that was fairly well hidden, until now. There have always been things that seem to be strange or inconsistent in our government. Before the dawn of social media and 9/11, Walter Cronkite along with other broadcasters from only four major networks at that time, the government and media were able to keep the narrative under control with explanations few questioned.


Editorial #126 Constitutional Convention aired December 10, 2019

Editorial #126 Constitutional Convention

The next session of the Nebraska Legislative session is scheduled to start in January but that does not mean there is nothing is going on in Lincoln. Senators are scurrying about preparing to introduce their pet projects in their effort show they are doing something to fix problems we didn’t know we had.

One of those projects is LR 7: Resolution to Congress for a convention of states to propose amendments to the United States Constitution.