Keith Kube


Editorial #234 “Blessings of Global Warming” aired on November 26, 2020

Editorial #234 Blessings of Global Warming

This day of Thanksgiving is meant to be a time in which we express appreciation for all the blessing we have received.
Praise the Lord that we were fortunate to be born in this country. That automatically put us in the top 5% of all the people in the world with our standard of living, prosperity and security.

In spite of all the gloom and doom expressed by environmental extremist,


Editorial #233 “Anarchy Always Destroys Itself” aired on November 24, 2020.

Editorial #233 Anarchy Always Destroys Itself

If there is anything encouraging about evil, nature always seeks that state of greatest disorganization. In all the examples of history, the evil of anarchy that fueled these atrocities consumes itself, because it is impossible to sustain. The leaders of these hate filled riots are simply examples of mob rule with the power hungry leaders guaranteed to stir internal dissension that will destroy them.

The hate and animosity toward conservative causes violates all our core values under the permission slip of “political correctness”.


Editorial #235 “With No Proof” aired on November 17, 2020

Editorial #235 With No Proof

“WITH NO PROOF” is now standard tag line added to any news story with which the liberal media does not like. When did they become the arbitrator of truth or achieve the right to decide the accuracy of information that exposes the hypocrisy of their agenda?

They pound us with propaganda that man-made carbon dioxide is warming the planet. They insist that masks will make the pandemic go away.


Editorial #232 “Technology and Polling” aired on November 19, 2020.

Editorial #232 Technology and Polling

The news and polling industry are in the same death spiral that everything in the world experiences. Things are born, grow to maturity and gradually die. This is a universal truth with examples like Sears, Wards, Woolworths, JC Penny and Blockbuster as well as professional football, General Electric, US Steel, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors all on this very long list. Professions like stock brokers, journalists, truck drivers,


Editorial #231 “The Election Continues” aired on November 10, 2020

Editorial #231 The Election Continues

It has been a week since the most important election in our country’s history tried to take place. The expectation of having it happen without technical glitches in this age of technology would seem to be guaranteed, but that did not happen.

The media and the pollsters have become dinosaurs with their predictions always being wrong. The polls and the media are no longer provide information but propaganda to shape opinion.


Editorial #230 “The Richest Cities in the Country” aired on November 12, 2020

Editorial #230 The Richest Cities in the Country

This election has demonstrated there is such a thing as a parallel universe. Places actually exist where agendas are exactly opposite to all the normal understandings of human nature, economics and moral values.

The confusing part is people with these agendas live in the richest cities in the country. A Wall Street Journal study found the top three wealthiest cities in the country are Washington DC,


Editorial #229 “We Get the Politicians We Deserve” aired on November 5, 2020.

Editorial #229 We Get the Politicians we Deserve

With the presidential election results still undecided, we need to understanding that regardless of the outcome, we must to continue to live and work to provide for ourselves and family and pray. The government is the machinery that provides infrastructure, security and makes laws that subscribe to our core values. It is up to each of us to do our part by electing the best,


Editorial #227 “The Election Prayer” aired on November 3, 2020

Editorial #227 The Election Prayer

Everyone usually loves their original home and reminisces about how it was and how it has changed as they grow older. This love is due to the affection for our parents and grandparents who shared that home and stories about their life and times.

This is Election Day and the reminiscences of what our home and country was is on the line. The changes at stake are difficult to understand and lead to questioning why anyone would want to change or revise our way of governance.


Editorial #226 “The Electoral College” for airing on October 29, 2020

Editorial #226 “The Electoral College”

When any politician says they are trying to “protect our democracy” or “stop the threat to our democracy” in a stump speech, it is insulting to us as citizens and shows the vacuousness of their intellect.

The fact the United State has never been a democracy is a surprise to many Americans. The verification of this fact is obvious. The news media continues to wrongly use the word “democracy” when describing any event that threatens their liberal agenda,


Editorial #225 “Preexisting Conditions” aired on October 27, 2020

Editorial #225 Preexisting conditions

The issues that dominate this election are: The Economy, National and Domestic Security, The Pandemic and Health Care in that order. The economy is always primary with all the others affecting it. If there is no income, there is nothing to tax, with no money to address the other issues. Raising taxes has never improved an economy. It only lessens the incentive to work.

The United States health care system is on a slippery slope.