Keith Kube


Editorial #164 “The New Normal” aired on April 14, 2020

Editorial #164 The New Normal

People never change unless the pain of not changing becomes unbearable. Measures taken in addressing this pandemic has forced changes that were destined to occur. Normally, drastic changes take years to be accepted. Computers never did not make us smarter, it just raised the level of mediocrity in the work place.

Technology allowed us to be locationally independent. There is no need to be “there” anymore.


Editorial #165 “Propaganda In Action” aired on April 9, 2020

Editorial #165 Propaganda in Action

The things that happen in society would be perfectly logical, if all the propaganda we hear was true. Instilling fear and urgency is a vital ingredient for propaganda to work. Propaganda has infected a large part of our educational system. Education no longer focuses on problem solving, but finding victims who have problems, demanding the government address them.

Education’s function is to teach the laws of nature that includes physics,


Editorial #163 “There Will Always Be Something” aired April 16, 2020

Editorial #163 There Will Always Be Something.

We all use a coping mechanism to survive. Like wild animals, we always lookout for anything that could harm us. The sad part is: if we don’t find something to worry about, we would make something up. Like John Madden said: “You cannot have two serious injuries at the same time.” Thus: “We can never worry about two big problems at the same time.” This pandemic has over shadowed everything: The Hong Kong Riots,


Editorial #162 “When Will This End?” aired April 2, 2020

Editorial #162 When Will This End?

Social media and network news is bombarding us with opinions and complaints that are wrongly reported as news. Those complaining are only increasing fear, and contribute nothing. These smug, unqualified sources second guess everything. They point out: would haves, could haves or should haves, quoting statistics out of context, about which we can do nothing, but worry. This whining is making news boring, unwatchable and bordering on terrorism.


Editorial #160 “It is Just Another Virus” aired April 7, 2020

Editorial #160 It is just another Virus

A world pandemic is rare but is not new. There were over a half dozen during the past 100 years, that few remember. Covid-19 virus is one of thousands of viruses that have plagued the world since the dawn of civilization. This pandemic has ambushed the world with a new seriousness that is affecting society in many ways. It is forcing changes in the way business is conducted,


Editorial #161 “Hypocrisy at its Finest” aired March 26, 2020

Editorial #161 Hypocrisy at its finest

It is astounding there would be any argument about how to use the funds from this pandemic relief bill. The debate on how to spend the money is exposing the true agenda and attitude of those who should be more altruistic in these times of emergency.

The blatant hypocrisy exposed, is from politicians who can’t seem to ignore the mantra: “Never let a good disaster go to waste.” by trying to get money for their pork barrel projects.


Editorial #158 “What Are We Fearing” aired on March 31, 2020

Editorial #158 What Are We Fearing?

It is surprising what a difference a year makes. Last year, on St. Patrick’s week, was the “bomb cyclone” which no one had seen anything similar. The economic impact was not isolated to this region as other parts of the country also experienced similar hardship and physical damage. The Irony is this current “perfect storm”, with the virus and economic down turn, is also something we have never seen before.


Editorial #159 “Cost of Wars not Fought” aired March 24, 2020

Editorial #159 Cost of Wars not Fought

Never before has our highly mobile, technology advanced world had to address an invisible, deadly and universally feared enemy. This is also the first time the world has faced a situation where we are all in this together. This is truly a world war with everyone on the same side.

Life is the most valuable and precious thing we have. Without life nothing else matters.


Editorial #157 “Look at the Bright Side” aired March 19, 2020

Editorial #157 Look at the Bright Side

In these times of uncertainty and fear, it is time to look at the brighter side of what is happening. There are few Pollyanna moments occurring lately but the decision to suspend the 2020 Nebraska Legislative session may be one.

There is an endless list of jokes about government but in every joke there is some truth, which makes it funny. With “towns missing their village idiots when congress is in session” or “the safest times are when politicians are not working” has more truth than I would like to believe.


Editorial #156 “This Too Will Pass” aired March 17, 2020

Editorial #156 This Too Will Pass

The civilized world has survived thousands of years of wars, plagues, assassinations, holocausts, famines, floods, fires and depressions. To judge which was the most severe may be interesting but a complete waste of time. The past is past and simply a data point in history of which there were extremes that never lasted. Nature always strives to maintain a state of normality, equilibrium and sustainability.

In these times of pandemics and market crashes,