Keith Kube


Editorial #264 “Revisions, Equity and Social Justice” aired on March 2, 2021

Editorial #264 Revisions, Equity and Social Justice

Webster made a dictionary to define words whose definition and understanding could be considered constant. The meaning and derivation of a word is useful in maintaining a timeless source of dependable understanding.

There is a bad habit in conversation: giving an overly complete background before making their point. This delays hearing their message where instantaneous is too slow. Brevity is the secret in conversations,


Editorial #262 “Society and Its Currency” aired on March 9, 2021

Editorial #262 Society and Its Currency

All civilizations rise and fall on the value of their currency. There are contributing factors that exacerbate the speed of the implosion, but the beginning of the end starts when citizens lose trust in their country’s monetary system caused by its liberal agenda.

Gold was the first universally accepted currency. Distant civilizations who never met, accepted gold as a unit of barter. It is valuable to crooks and clergy,


Editorial #263 “A Rose by Any Other Name” aired on March 4, 2021.

Editorial #263 A Rose by Any Other Name

The political correctness movement along with the fake systemic racism continues to spawn more hypocrisy that undermines our core values. This hypocrisy of the “Equity” movement (whatever that means) has infected the media, advertising, movies, social and political discourse. It exacerbates a racist agenda in an attempt to gain political, social or economic advantages under the disguise of advancing social justice. The old adage applies: “Follow the money” explains their corrupt agenda.


Editorial #200 “We Get the Politicians We Deserve” aired on February 25, 2021

Editorial #200 We get the Politicians we Deserve

The politics of past years has exposed a cancer of how apathy and complacency has infected the sustainability of our constitutional republic. If society continues on this path it will no longer be one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice.

We select caretakers call politicians, who are NOT leaders, through campaigns to get our vote. During campaigns, voters do a peculiar thing.


Editorial #258 “The Purpose for Political Parties” aired on February 23, 2021

Editorial #258 The Purpose for Political Parties

The prevailing feeling about politics today is apathy, with our point of view largely ignored by politicians who will do what they want, regardless of our input. This is unfortunate and the main reason we get the politicians we deserve.

There have been numerous attempts at term limits with the thinking that career politicians are out of touch and too embedded in the Washington swamp to fairly represent their constituents.


Editorial #261 “Government Dysfunctionality is Clinical” aired on February 18, 2021

Editorial #261 Government Dysfunctionality is Clinical

The book “All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” showed how our core values and the golden rule are the best way to live our lives. These virtues should be fundamental for our politicians, when they take their oath of office. The sad part is most politicians win because they claim to have these values but forget them after they are elected.

There is a rare syndrome call Munchausen by proxy.


Editorial #259 “Empathy and Integrity” aired on February 16, 2021

Editorial #259 Empathy and Integrity

There are two virtues missing in our public discourse causing the social unrest and division we see in our country: Empathy and Integrity. They embody the spirit of the Golden Rule that is a timeless guide for how to live one’s life.

“Empathy” is the exact opposite of “Apathy”. Apathy is a careless disregard toward others and the indifference about the mess left behind by living a selfish life.


Editorial #257 “Death and Taxes” aired on February 11, 2021

Editorial #257 Death and Taxes

Ben Franklin said: “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. In Nebraska it is in a reverse order. Taxes are killing the farmer by taxing their property, causing the demise of family farm. The sad part is the urban population does not seem to care.

Band aids to limit annual increases in property taxes does not solve the problem. It only delays the inevitable with the farmers still going broke,


Editorial #255 “The Hypocrisy Continues” aired on February 9, 2021

Editorial #255 The Hypocrisy Continues

Hypocrisy seems to be getting worse because of all the apathy in our country. Too many people do not seem to care, anymore. Hypocrisy is noticed and tolerated because of political correctness or using the excuse of just trying to get along. I am not sure the old adage: “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything” is good advice any more. Hypocrites do not want any criticisms for what they are doing or saying.


Editorial #256 “What is the Objective?” aired February 2, 2021

Editorial #256 What is the Objective?

I have given hundreds of classes and lectures on various subjects. My purpose was to impart information that I considered relevant to understanding a given topic. The old speech formula for a good talk is: “Decide what you are going to say and why, tell them, then tell them what you said”. This seems to be the best way to teach any subject.

Too many classes are taught with the first step of why one is going to say something.