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Editorial #221 “What Debates Teach Us” aired on September 29, 2020

Editorial #221 What Debates Teach Us

Presidential debates are simply job interviews where “we the people” are determining what a potential employee will do in any given situation. The reason for any interview is to know how the individual thinks and how they handle problems.

The job of president is actually very simple. Nothing needs to be decided as the constitution already determined the country’s course and destination. These positions are like a pilot in a plane with a crew to handle the logistic.


Editorial #219 “The Scourge of Democracy” aired on October 1, 2020

Editorial #219 The Scourge of Democracy

There is an amazing lack of understanding about what a constitutional republic is and the number of people who fail to realize this country is NOT a democracy. When anyone doesn’t understand the differences between a democracy and a republic, it shows the lack of intellect of those who constantly refer to this country as a democracy. Not knowing this difference exposes the bad things that happen when people get too much of anything and become addicted.


Editorial #220 “Getten Bove Yor Rasen” aired on September 24, 2020

Editorial #220 Getten bove yor rasen”

There is a colloquialism in the rural south: “getten bove yor rasen”. This slogan explains the conceit and hubrisness of local a kid that leaves their small town to work in the big city, returning to visit “a little too full of themselves.”

These kids were raised with participation trophies and the “no spanking” rules of Dr. Spock where discipline was considered a form of child abuse.


Editorial #216 “Inside Secrets of Campaigns” aired on September 22, 2020

Editorial #216 Inside Secrets of Campaigns

This country has had political campaigns for its entire existence. The election process requires each party to promote and encourage issues or candidates that generally agree upon a central objective. The basic difference between the parties are those who prefer big government compared to those who prefer small government. Independents believe something in between and think the individual candidate is more important than the principles of any party.


Editorial #214 “It is OK to Talk Politics and Religion” aired on September 17, 2020

Editorial #214 It is OK to Talk Politics and Religion

The infection of political correctness has made it “bad manners” to talk about politics or religion. This is exactly the agenda the deep state and liberal elites want us to believe. They do not want gatherings to discuss these topics because they want only the message from national media discussed. This pandemic plays perfectly into this by not permitting churches to be open or gatherings where discussion of faith or political issues can happen.


Editorial #215 “Climate Change and the Economy” aired on September 15, 2020

Editorial #215 Climate Change and the Economy

The EPA just put out a report: how climate change is going to affect the economy. This is a useless report with their only objective to show they are busy telling us what we already know. Of course, if sea levels rise there will be problems giving warnings about which we can do nothing.

The EPA and CDC are out of control, with statements about the pandemic distracting from the lies of the man-made global warming propaganda.


Event Information for Huckabee and D’Souza

Buffalo County Republican Women 1733 Gala
Friday October 2, 2020 at 6:00pm
Younes Conference Center, Kearney Nebraska
Guest Speaker
Dinesh D’Souza: Author and film maker discussing “United States of Socialism” and the movie “Trump Card”
Visit “Buffalo County Republican Women” on FB or Contact Lisa May at 308-440-3927 or at

Omaha Christian Academy 2020 Creating Futures Gala
Thursday October 8, 2020 at 6:30 pm
Embassy Suites,


The Election Prayer of 2020 Presidential Election

Beloved Father in Heaven, please give us a president who loves this country and everything it stands for. Please give us a president who respects You and loves You as the one true God. Please give us a president who will, with Your help restore this nation to its former glory , the way You created her. Please help us to respect what You have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.


Editorial #213 “The Election Prayer” aired on September 10, 2020

Editorial #213 The Election Prayer

Non-profit organizations are called 501(c)(3) and have long enjoyed a tax free status, allowing them to collect money for worthy causes that promotes “good” in society. All religious organizations have this classification, allowing them to receive contributions tax free. This encourages philanthropic giving, allowing work that makes the world a better place to happen, instead of expecting government bureaucracies to do it, who often make matters worse in the process.


Editorial #212 “The Different Kinds of News” aired on September 8, 2020

Editorial #212 The Different Kinds of News

Conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, Secular or Non-Secular are all classifications of thought at opposite ends of a political spectrum. Extreme positions must exist, just like we can’t know what is hot without knowing cold, up without knowing what is down or peace without knowing what war is. These terms cannot exist isolation. They are all relative and comparative giving nuances and the frustrating “gray areas” in life.