Keith Kube


Editorial #67 Legislative Run Down aired May 7, 2019

Editorial #67 Legislative Run down

I receive several local and regional papers from surrounding communities with a legislative summary by various senators. I find them very interesting but these reports often sound like they were written by the same person. They are like scores from baseball games with the vote tallies on each bill. Each senator’s summary is amazing similar, leading me to think they originate from a single source. Their summaries usually do not address their personal position nor how they voted.


Editorial #65 Tax and Spending aired May 2, 2019

Editorial #65 Tax and Spending

There is an old Chinese Saying: The situation is impossible but not serious. This seems to be the attitude of our State Legislature in dealing with our huge property tax problem. The current excuse used by the state is they do not have control over local taxing authorities. This situation IS very serious and it is NOT impossible to fix. Since 1992 property taxes have consistently risen with every measure to reduce property tax resulting in tax increases after 2 years (the time of one legislative session)

Over the past 50 years our legislature has managed to place Nebraska #2 nationally in state and local taxes with 49% being property taxes.


Editorial #64 Erosion of Personal Rights aired April 30, 2019

Editorial #64 Erosion of Personal Rights

The erosion of personal rights seems to be a higher priority this session of the Unicameral not to mention the narrative from national candidates running for president. Of the hundreds of bills introduced in the legislature it is surprising how many unwittingly infringe on our rights of ownership while trying to be more fair to certain special interest groups. All the bill that address wealth redistribution, inspections,


Editorial #62 Environmental Movement Continues aired April 25, 2019

Editorial #62 Environmental Movement Continues, April 25, 2019

There seems to be no end to using environmental issues to justify dishonest agendas, promote careers or advance socialistic causes. It has giving new life to retired politician, lobbyist and bureaucrats by promoting the man made global warming hoax. They call themselves leaders simply because they are standing in front of a parade of emotional (often misinformed) environmentalist. The irony is these self-appointed spokesmen have few qualifications to speak intelligently on the subject.


Editorial #61 Marijuana Legalization aired April 23, 2019

Editorial #61 Marijuana Legalization April 23, 2019

The Nebraska Legislature is contemplating another dilemma, the question of legalizing marijuana. LB 657 sponsored by Senator Justin Wayne proposes the plant be a cash crop for farmers with uses ranging from providing a replacement for plastic ropes and packaging materials to medicinal applications to reduce pain. As with most laws, there are no perfect solutions from any new regulation.

The arguments used to support this are the standard lists: other states have approved it,


Editorial #60 Invasions and Why They Happen aired April 18, 2019

Editorial #60 Invasions and why they happen.

The news is filled with threats, foreign and domestic with most of us scratching our heads wondering what to do about it. Everyone wants peace and tranquility but that only comes when we work for it. It is not automatic. The sad part about life: it is hard. Survival requires energy as entropy is always at work making things as random and disorganized as possible, requiring our hard work to keep things going normally.


Editorial #59 Taxes and Better Politicians aired April 16, 2019

Editorial #59 Taxes and better politicians April 16, 2019

This is the time of year where, besides the weather, taxes are on everyone’s mind. Taxes are the only way any community, state or country can function, providing things we need, like things as simple as water, roads and security.

Politicians are always looking for ways to raise that money in a way that is fair and equitable, with the least amount of pain to the tax payer.


Editorial #58 Regain Normality aired April 11, 2019

Editorial #58 The Drive Regain Normality, April 11, 2019

The desire to get things back to normal after our epic floods of March is natural. Situations in our life always center around the average with the never ending need to invest energy and resources to keep things as close to normal as possible. In physics there is a principle known as entropy where everything wants to naturally reach a state of randomness and disorder.


Editorial #56 Diversity and Fake News aired April 9, 2019

Editorial #56 Diversity and Fake News April 9, 2019

This seems to be the time of year where entire months are dedicated, by someone, to recognize certain groups, professions, ethic classes or sexual orientation categories and declare that diversity is a blessing. I have not been able to figure out who makes these declarations or what are we are supposed to do once these recognitions are announced.

In this age of political correctness,


Editorial #57A Political Responsibility aired April 2, 2019

Editorial #57A Political Responsibility April 2, 2019

It is always in times of adversity that weak links in any system are exposed. These weaknesses were made perfectly apparent with the devastating floods we experienced in March. In any emergency there is an expectation that decisions will be made quickly. These decisions are not unique or unusual. They are time tested and proven to be the best given the situation. This is why it is so important to have elected officials have real business experience before being elected.