Keith Kube

Editorial #126 Constitutional Convention aired December 10, 2019

Editorial #126 Constitutional Convention

The next session of the Nebraska Legislative session is scheduled to start in January but that does not mean there is nothing is going on in Lincoln. Senators are scurrying about preparing to introduce their pet projects in their effort show they are doing something to fix problems we didn’t know we had.

One of those projects is LR 7: Resolution to Congress for a convention of states to propose amendments to the United States Constitution.


Editorial #125 “New World Leaders” aired December 5, 2019

Editorial #125 New World Leaders

When I first heard the statement “the meek shall inherit the world” we made it a joke by saying “the meek really don’t want it”. What Christ meant by those words was those who are kind, gentle and giving will go to heaven. But if one looks closer at his statement, maybe he was referring to the information technology experts of today better known as our “computer guy”.


Editorial #123 “5G Internet” aired December 3, 2019

Editorial #123 5G Internet

In high school, I remember reading the books: Brave New World, 1984 and Animal Farm. My feelings at that time ranged from laughable to incredible and then terrifying.

Today the laughable part no longer applies with the incredible and terrifying actually happening. The surprising part is very few of us realize this is happening.

Humanity has traits like “survival of the fittest”, “the one who figures it out first wins” and “if someone can,


Editorial #124 Happy Thanksgiving aired on November 28, 2019

Editorial #124 Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of our greatest American holidays celebrating the many gifts we have been given. We should marvel at the miracle of this country’s formation and be eternally thankful to those men and women who gave their lives, revered God and built this great experiment into One Great Nation, Under God.

The most hurtful part of giving any gift is the lack of appreciation by the receiver or not receiving a sincere thank you.


Editorial #122 Nationalism, aired November 26, 2019

Editorial #122 Nationalism

I am concerned about the way the word “Nationalism” is being used.

I grew up with the impression that Nationalism was something of which to be proud. It expressed loyalty to the United States as a team of which we were the best in the world and we hated communism. We never lost a war, were always competitive in the Olympics and tried to do what was best and right in the world.


Editorial #121 Political Correctness and Business, aired November 21, 2019

Editorial #121 Political Correctness and Business

The word elitism is now being used as a more polite way of saying condescending, conceited, hubris or closed minded. It is associated with people involved with fake news, the deep state, drain the swamp and liberalism and used to describe left wing politics.

Ironically, these terms are usually thought to apply only to the other sides of the political divide. Commentators are quick to use these adjectives in describing the ideas and concepts that failed to deliver results in making the world a better place.


Editorial #120, Confidentiality, aired November 19, 2019

Editorial #120 Confidentiality notes

As mentioned in Editorial #117 the political correctness agenda has redefined words with truth and fact no longer meaning the same thing. Similar re-characterizations have occurred with the word confidential now meaning the same as classified. This ploy is used to lock down information and want nothing released that may upset a liberal agenda.

The current administration, in the spirit of transparency, is now requiring agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency,


Editorial #119, So Called Experts, aired November 14, 2019

Editorial #119 So Called Experts

The flood of, so called, experts keep coming onto the media stage with subjects like climate change, human trafficking and gun control always seeming to get the most attention. It is not surprising these stories evaporate when issues like pedophilia or corruption start to expose the hypocrisy of the deep state.

What is more incredible, the media uses of examples of incompetence like a high school girl from Sweden or a kid from Florida as experts on climate change and gun violence.


Editorial #118, Discrimination, aired November 12, 2019

Editorial #118 Discrimination

I have commented on words that I hate in editorial #108. Discrimination is a third word I added to the list with diversification and hypocrisy the other two. There are few instances where using these words engender feelings of harmony, goodwill or inclusiveness.

I have yet to understand the logic of anyone using the word discrimination. Is it to point out a personality flaw and want one to stop it,


Editorial #117, Social Media and Society, aired November 7, 2019

Editorial #117 Social Media and Society

We have arrived at a time when the truth and the facts are no longer the same thing. A presidential candidate made that very apparent when he said: “We choose truth over facts.” This seems to be the new motto of the Democrat Party and the deep state.

How did this happen? It is because of the speed of search engines and social media with this technology the new normal.