Keith Kube

Editorial #297 “What Does ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ Mean?” aired on June 22, 2021

Editorial #297 What does “Love Thy Neighbor” Mean?

“Love thy neighbor as thy self” is another example of a “sacred phrase” being hijacked by liberal elites to advance causes that are narcissistic and anything but blessed.  There is a bad habit of using phrases from the Bible to justify just about anything.  Words like unconditional love, social justice and equity are twisted to condemn “tough love” as void of compassion with “participation trophies” used as a way to hide discrimination.


Editorial #293 “The Data Journalist” aired on June 17, 2021

Editorial #293 The Data Journalist

There is a new media classification called the “Data Journalist”.  These starry eyed snowflakes are the classic example of “figures lie and liars figure”.  They search through tax returns, voter data, labor stats, health records and census information with the intent of creating problems we didn’t know we had.

The deep state/globalist/elite uses these numerical games to advance agendas of climate change, pandemics, BLM, Antifa, transgender issues and reparations. 


Editorial #292 “What Do We Have to Fear?” aired on June 15, 2021

Editorial #292 What do We Have to Fear?

There is a child’s game which asks you to choose between flying or being invisible.  The answer is very telling about a person’s personality.  Flying like a bird is innocence, liberating and whimsical.  But, being invisible eliminates any inhibitions one may have.  Everyone behaves with some concern about what people will think.  Extremes of evil happen when they think no one will find out what they did.


Editorial #291 “How to Be Woke?” aired on June 10, 2021

Editorial #291 How to be Woke?

The latest propaganda tactic is to classify anyone who is politically correct as “Woke”.   This self-declared badge of honor, insists they are more politically aware, intelligent and insightful about the social dynamics of our country and business.

Christ taught: “love thy fellow man” and He exemplified The Golden Rule.  This was contrary to much of the culture of the time which had a fair amount of elitism,


Editorial #290 “The Art of Cry Bullying” aired on June 8, 2021

Editorial #290 The Art of Cry Bullying

There is new political weapon called “Cry Bullying”. This is when a bully feels they are losing control after relentless bullying, and then cries for sympathy when confronted by authorities.  The classic example is a popular girl in high school picking on a less popular classmate.  When the victim retaliates the popular girl cries for sympathy by denying it or pleading she didn’t mean it.

A more current example,


Editorial #289 “What Would You Die For?” aired on June 1, 2021

Editorial #289 What Would You Die For?

For thousands of years, great minds have asked: “What is the purpose of life?”  If there is an answer, it should be the same regardless of nationality, culture, ethnicity, personality or individual core values.

An easier question is: “What are you living for?”  Why do you get up each morning?  What are you trying to accomplish?  What do you want from life, other than dying healthy? 


Editorial #288 “Which Tail Wags Which Dog?” aired on June 3, 2021

Editorial #288 Which Tail Wags Which Dog?

It will surprise no one to say we have freedom of speech in this country.  But it might be news to many who presume they are well informed about who the press is and what it does

Is the press a microscope, taking a very close look at everything for accuracy, fairness or honesty?  Is the press a mirror that reflects what we want to see? 


Editorial #282 “The Secret Parallels” aired on May 27, 2021

Editorial #282 The Secret Parallels  

This is a fundamental fact of life: no one like to be sold. We don’t need to be sold on buying food, water or heat.  We must have it to live.  Marketing is the art of having us want things we didn’t know we needed.  The industry of marketing, through advertising, uses psychology to create that need, subliminally.  This happens only in a capitalistic society. Marketing is the art of knowing what people want before they realize they need it and meeting that desire with exactly the right product.


Editorial #287 “Is There Really a Problem?” aired on May 25, 2021

Editorial #287 Is there Really a Problem?

These times and problems seem unprecedented.  But, the atrocities of wars, terrorism, pandemics, poverty or natural disasters are just other chapters in history with these current events hyped by the media to make them more impacting.

The tactics, used by political animals, is to makes these situations appear to be more dramatic and serious.  The saying: “”Never let a good disaster go to waste” is used to exploit these tragedies by trying to keep the problem going to advance a dishonest agenda.


Editorial #281 “Truth and Facts” aired on May 20, 2021

Editorial #281 Truth and Facts

The best way to stop any bad habit is by using self-discipline.  To stop smoking, don’t smoke.  To control your weight, stop eating.  To stop cussing, don’t swear.  This is so simple, it sound ridiculous, but the liberal propaganda is insulting us by saying it isn’t that simple and it is never your fault.

Today up is down, right is wrong and good is evil.  We swore we would never let the lessons of Animal Farm or 1984 happen in this great country.