Keith Kube

Editorial #204 “The Perfect Test” aired August 11, 2020

Editorial #204 The Perfect Test

When 911 happened, all air traffic was grounded. It was a perfect opportunity to see what impact, if any, the exhaust from the thousands of plane flying at any one time was having on air quality, CO2 levels or global warming measurements. Now scientists have another more perfect opportunity to do the same test with this pandemic shutting down nearly everything.

Covid-19 literally stopped the world from driving,


Editorial #154 “To Be Part of the Team” aired August 13, 2020

Editorial #154 To Be Part of the Team

The greatest team in the world is the United States Military followed by our Law Enforcement Officers. The way society is evolving, few seem to realize that nothing can happen in our country unless we are secure from enemies, foreign and domestic. Without the military, law enforcement and the 2nd Amendment we have nothing. No one would be able to have businesses, go to school,


Editorial #199 “These are the Times that Try Men’s Soul” aired on August 6, 2020

Editorial #199 “These are the Times that Try Men’s Soul.”

When Thomas Paine said “These are the times that try men’s soul.” It sounds like he is talking about today’s national madness. As then, we must stop the hypocrisy and self-serving agendas of those trying to destroy our country. The founders knew the price to fight any war is always less than the cost of not fighting it and the cost of not fighting this chaos will be socialism,


Editorial #197 “Using Discrimination to Solve Discrimination” aired on August 4, 2020

Editorial #197 Using Discrimination to Solve Discrimination

Hypocrisy is a vital ingredient in causing this National madness. Black Live Matter is the biggest hypocrisy since the man-made global warming hoax. The resulting propaganda has made low information voters emotional snowflakes, scared of their own shadow.

Nothing constructive has evolved from either movement. After 60 years of civil rights and anti-discrimination legislation, spending $22 trillion along with two black presidents (including Clinton) and a record numbers of racial minorities in congress,


Editorial #196 “Sports and the New Normal” aired on July 28, 2020

Editorial #196 Sports and the New Normal

The bickering in major league baseball, trying to get the season stated, is almost more entertaining than the actual game. These billionaire owner and millionaire players are drunk with their inflated sense of self-worth and condescending sense of entitlement, thinking their sport is important to us.

The fact they feel they are worth that much money has produced the biggest bunch of idiots right after liberal politicians who are letting their cities burn down.


Editorial #195 “Hemp Forum” aired July 23, 2020

Editorial #195 Hemp Forum

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. But the smell of marijuana does not smell like a rose with any conation of being as sweet or innocent. Hemp is not the marijuana we associate with the drug culture of the sixties.
Hemp is an agricultural product like corn, wheat, oats or soy. It was used in construction, lubrication, shipping, rope, string, cloth, clothing and containers since biblical times.


Editorial #194 “The Politics of Science” aired July 21, 2020

Editorial #194 The Politics of Science

For deep state “scientists” to complain their predictions about man-made climate change and the pandemic projections are being ignored, is an insult to real engineering logic. Yet they demand civility from those who question their vacuous conclusions. The fact is their predictions have always been wrong. Their data is fabricated and constantly adjusted to meet their agenda. They are convinced a handful of twitter supporters represents a majority of the population adding the “consensus of scientists” makes it valid in spite of no supporting data,


Editorial #193 “Remington Arms Bankruptcy” aired July 30, 2020

Editorial #193 Remington Arms Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy of Remington Arms Co. is another canary in the coal mine regarding the judicial activism. For the law suit that declared Remington responsible for the deaths in a school shootings is incredible in a society where personal responsibility should rule. To blame a gun manufacturer for those crime makes as much sense as blaming the maker of a hammer for breaking a window or the pencil manufacturer for a student failing an exam.


Editorial #187 “Communism vs Socialism” aired July 16, 2020

Editorial #187 Communism vs Socialism

What is the difference between Communism and Socialism? What is racism? What is Discrimination? What is the difference between liberty and freedom? All these questions used to be addressed in our public schools with racism, discrimination, communism and socialism all declared to be absolutely wrong and freedom was always a good thing.

Today, with this madness, riots and social justice agendas, we are forced to reconsider things we considered incredible before.


Editorial #192 “The Reduction of CO2 did Nothing” aired on July 14, 2020

Editorial #192 The Reduction of CO2 did Nothing

Since the country’s shutdown, because of this pandemic, the CO2 levels have fallen to levels not seen since 1970. One would conclude the world’s climate would be a little cooler now as a result and there would be fewer hurricanes and heavy rain storms as well as slowing glacial melting.

The fact is Siberia is experiencing the hottest summer on record, with areas reaching over 100 degrees.