Keith Kube

Editorial #252 “What is Sustainability?” aired on January 21, 2021

Editorial #252 What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is like the Hippocratic Oath in medicine: Do no harm! We have an obligation to make the world a better place by working to improve things and not leave a mess when we are gone. Our mission should be to organize and manage our health, possession, finances and our home as well as help maintain our country, our life style, the environment and most of all, stop government over-reach.


Editorial #251 “What is Fairness?” aired on January 19, 2021

Editorial #251 What is Fairness?

Our core value of fairness has been hijacked in our politically correct society where one’s ability to live by the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments can be impugned by intimidation. If the mob rule of democracy does not agree with one’s political views they can demand our choices be changed. This is not fairness, it is coercion, oppression, hypocritical and a direct assault on free speech.

There is a differences between principles and values.


Editorial #250 “What is Truth?” aired on January 14, 2021

Editorial #250 What is Truth?

The definition of truth has been debated by philosophers, lawyers and politicians for over 5000 years. Their definition distorts real truth to fit their paradigm. Human perspective and relativism is used to cloud any possibility of a consistent, accurate and usable definitions. This contrivance shows the deep state believes only in their truth and not facts because truth is how they define it. Their mantra is: “The ends justifies the means.”

Benjamin Franklin said: “I will compromise my principles but never my core value.” To have such conviction,


Editorial #249 “A Matter of Perspective” aired on January 12, 2021

Editorial #249 A Matter of Perspective

The last few weeks are a point in our country’s history not seen since the civil war. We would think any sane person would want peace, security, harmony and tranquility. If everyone lived by truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity the world would have exactly that, but we don’t. The concerning part is there are many working toward the exact opposite outcome. Political correctness rationalizes this as a matter of perspective and blames use for failing to recognize different ways to achieve harmony,


Editorial #248 “New World Order” aired on January 7, 2021

Editorial #248 New World Order

Everyone makes resolutions to achieve our goals. The deep state has been making resolutions for almost a century, starting with Woodrow Wilson who advanced a progressive agenda where the concept of a United Nations was born, better described as the New World Order.

It is easy to ignore evil if it looks ugly or sinister. When it appears attractive, it is hard to resist. The books of Marx,


Editorial #247 “What Are We Going to do Now?” aired January 5, 2021

Editorial #247 What are We Going to Do Now?

Dickens said: “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.” Actually, this describes every moment of our life as now is the only time we have. We can only experience the present as the past is gone and the future has not yet arrived.

Milton said “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Antidotes have been added for centuries with one I like best by Wade W.


Editorial #245 “It’s Finally Over” aired on December 31, 2020

Editorial #245 It’s Finally Over!

The old saying: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is the best way to describe the year 2020. Regardless of what occurred, it is never what happens, but how one deals with what happens with all the old mantras applying when we review the year.

We all experience the joys, sufferings and pains of life. We experience them in different ways, but we are given a life-time to learn how to handle them.


Editorial #244 “Another Nail in the Coffin” aired on December 29, 2020

Editorial #244 Another Nail in the Coffin

To say 2020 was a terrible year would be an understatement. The litany of events, of which any single happening would be astounding, is too incredible to be believed.

There were more hurricanes, tornados, extreme temperature readings and record rain storms in 2020 than any year since records were kept. Because of the pandemic, the amount of man-made CO2 was lower than any year since 1970.


Editorial #243 “The Christmas of 2020” aired on December 24, 2020

Editorial #243 The Christmas of 2020

This will be a Christmas where the joy, happiness, hopes and wishes we would love to receive will simply not be as forth coming this year. The gratification of a hug, hand shake, a kiss, visiting family, singing or being able to attend a full church with a large choir, would be a gift greater than any present we could receive on Christmas morning.

These are times when we look back at past Christmases that seem so much more joyous that we would give almost anything to experience again.


Editorial #242 “Honest Marketing is a Contradiction in Terms” aired on December 22, 2020

Editorial #242 Honest Marketing is a Contradiction in Terms

The new world order is sneaking into our country with the subtlety of a train wreck. It is putting us on the slippery slope of depravity with the hypocrisy of pandemic relief, climate change, abortion, BLM anarchy and election fraud, to name a few. These are non-scientific, godless, tyrannical agendas that violate all our core values. These happenings are not new with religious oppression and ternary the reasons our founders came to this country.