Keith Kube

Editorial #227 “The Election Prayer” aired on November 3, 2020

Editorial #227 The Election Prayer

Everyone usually loves their original home and reminisces about how it was and how it has changed as they grow older. This love is due to the affection for our parents and grandparents who shared that home and stories about their life and times.

This is Election Day and the reminiscences of what our home and country was is on the line. The changes at stake are difficult to understand and lead to questioning why anyone would want to change or revise our way of governance.


Editorial #226 “The Electoral College” for airing on October 29, 2020

Editorial #226 “The Electoral College”

When any politician says they are trying to “protect our democracy” or “stop the threat to our democracy” in a stump speech, it is insulting to us as citizens and shows the vacuousness of their intellect.

The fact the United State has never been a democracy is a surprise to many Americans. The verification of this fact is obvious. The news media continues to wrongly use the word “democracy” when describing any event that threatens their liberal agenda,


Editorial #225 “Preexisting Conditions” aired on October 27, 2020

Editorial #225 Preexisting conditions

The issues that dominate this election are: The Economy, National and Domestic Security, The Pandemic and Health Care in that order. The economy is always primary with all the others affecting it. If there is no income, there is nothing to tax, with no money to address the other issues. Raising taxes has never improved an economy. It only lessens the incentive to work.

The United States health care system is on a slippery slope.


Editorial #224 “Treason and Blackmail” aired on October 22, 2020

Editorial #224 Treason and Blackmail

Huge monetary figures are casually tossed around regarding loans owed, disaster relief, campaign funding, influencing peddling, foreign involvement in elections or our national debt.

In the 1960 our national debt was only $286 billion equal to about $2 ½ trillion today. The number seems trivial compared to numbers proposed for pandemic spending which is larger than our entire national debt when John Kennedy was president. Like Everett Dirkson said: “It is a million here and a million there and sooner or later it adds up to real money.”

All this money comes out of our pockets,


Editorial #222 “History and Civics” for airing on October 20, 2020

Editorial #222 History and Civics

The Dictator’s Handbook requires that history be revised in order to overthrow any government. The actions of BLM and Antifa, under the disguise of social justice, is the ideal environment for these socialist movements to take root.

To revise history, it is vital replace civics with history in our public schools. They know how important it is to indoctrinate young minds by emphasizing the sad stories of atrocities and unintended consequences instead of the remarkable history of our founding.


Editorial #202 “The Competitive Advantage of the Pandemic” aired on October 15, 2020

Editorial #202 The Competitive Advantage of the Pandemic

As with everything in life, it is never what happens but how we deal with what happens. We are in a deadly serious poker game with our health and our country in the pot. The game is called the election with the pot containing our constitutional republic and our economic freedom.

The opponent in this game is not above cheating and bluffing at every opportunity as demonstrated by eliminating God in their platforms,


Editorial #223 “Who is Directing the Play?” aired on October 8, 2020

Editorial #223 Who is Directing the Play?

Shakespeare put a line in one of his plays: “all the world is a stage”. In editorial #217 I gave examples of how today’s news is actually stranger and more interesting than any fiction.

This political play, in which we are living, took a dramatic turn with our President contracting Covid-19. The change in personality and demeanor of the media and those in politics opposing everything he does,


Editorial #218 “Statues in Our Parks” aired on October 13, 2020

Editorial #218 Statues in Our Parks

In every revolution there is a formula that must be followed. All overthrows start because one group thinks another group does not observe to the core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity and feels oppressed. Those revolting want to extract revenge and impart their justice upon those they blame for their oppression.

The ones who start these wars often have little or nothing to lose.


Editorial #217 “All the World is a Stage” aired on October 6, 2020

Editorial #217 All the World is a Stage

The advances in technology have made the way we experience life, a test of endurance and exposes the limits of how far we will go to experience human gratification.

Fact has become greater than fiction with the happenings of today seemingly incredible. We were warned of this by classics like “Animal Farm” and “1984” written over 75 years ago. The world is really just a stage and we are all actors in a drama that is going to affect society for generations to come.


Editorial #221 “What Debates Teach Us” aired on September 29, 2020

Editorial #221 What Debates Teach Us

Presidential debates are simply job interviews where “we the people” are determining what a potential employee will do in any given situation. The reason for any interview is to know how the individual thinks and how they handle problems.

The job of president is actually very simple. Nothing needs to be decided as the constitution already determined the country’s course and destination. These positions are like a pilot in a plane with a crew to handle the logistic.