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Editorial #362 “The Future of Nebraska if We Want It” aired January 25, 2022

Editorial #362 The Future of Nebraska If We Want It

A common human belief is the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. This is a powerful catalyst for our species to always strive for something better.  It is also a necessary trait for a species to survive.

Leaders are those who keep this motivation alive, always looking for improvements.  Their drive makes success and failures a lessons toward that quest.


Editorial #361 “The Real Function of Government” aired on January 20, 2022

Editorial #361 The Real Function of Government

The fundamental law in nature is survival with the axiom that “survival of the fittest” is the only way nature can improve itself.

This explains why every living thing must adapt to its environment in order to guarantee its survival.  In natural law, the primary objective of any life form is to procreate and pass along the traits that will optimize its survival to the next generation.


Editorial #360 “The Life Cycle of a Government” aired on January 18, 2022

Editorial #360 The Life Cycle of a Government

In 1776 there were no handbooks on how to build a government or how to raise children. Ironically, books written on these subjects all contain the same social principles as they both deal with children.

Jefferson, Franklin and Adams scoured the world for books to guide them when they composed our constitution.  All they really needed to study was the psychology and behavioral patterns of children.


Editorial #359 “Are We Making Progress?” aired on January 13, 2022

Editorial #359 Are We Making Progress?

Peter Drucker said, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” Before any politician spends one cent, they should check if their decision violates this motto.

Is anybody measuring and are there any improvements noted over the past years after $Trillions were spent on the pandemic, climate change, education, discrimination, poverty and crime?  When asked why things are not getting better, they insult us by saying: “Things would be much worse if we didn’t spent more to confront these threats”.


Editorial #358 “We Need Better Singers” aired on January 11, 2022

Editorial #358 We Need Better Singers

We shake our head when the national media continues to pound us with reports of world events about which we can do little.  These events are depressing because we have difficulty understanding how such evil or misfortune could happen to innocent lives who are just trying to survive.

The comforting part is we know these sad examples are a part of the millions of other example of caring,


Editorial #353 “The Fight for Our Core Values” aired on January 4, 2022

Editorial #353 The Fight for our Core Values

After hundreds of commentaries, scores of You Tube replies, lectures in practically every high school and college in Northeast Nebraska and Southeast South Dakota, the most gratifying part for any commentator is feedback.  The best complement is a simple comment, supportive or critical.  A response means someone took the time to seriously listen or read the commentary, internalize it and take the time to communicate their thought or opinion.


Editorial #351 “The Science of Censorship” aired on January 6, 2022

Editorial #351 The Science of Censorship

The saying absolute power corrupts absolutely is the reason censorship is so evil. Censorship is a spectrum that ranges from integrity on one extreme to hypocrisy on the other.  The best example of integrity would be if one would not be ashamed if everything one did was on the front page of the local news.  At the other extreme, hypocrisy is when authority says, “Do as I say not as I do.”

The battle between good and evil is a basic part of life with all war based on deception. 


Editorial #352 “Happy New Year” aired on December 30, 2021

Editorial #352 Happy New Year

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” applies perfectly to the last two years.

We all experience life’s joys, trials and tribulations along with the challenge of coping with them.  The quicker we learn from these challenges, the sooner we can give encouragement to others as a mentor or friend.

Strangers deliver most of our information about world situations.  The media chooses what we should care about,


Editorial #350 “The Real Cause of Global Warming” aired on December 28, 2021

Editorial #350 The Real Cause of Global Warming

What is the real cause of global warming?  The short answer is: THE SUN.  The better question is what is the real reason global warming continues? CO2 is less than 1% of our atmosphere with over $20 Trillion spent trying to control it since 1970, with no evidence of any progress being made in stopping global warming. It has become a tool to control everything else based on the myth humans are able to control the climate.


Editorial #349 “The Christmas of 2021” aired on December 23, 2021

Editorial #349 The Christmas of 2021

Thank God this year’s Christmas will not be like the Christmas of 2020.  Hopefully this Christmas will again be joyful with happiness, hope and best wishes to all those we love.  The gratification of a hug, hand shake, a kiss, visiting family, singing or being able to attend a full church with a large choir, will be a gift greater than any present we could receive on Christmas morning.