Keith Kube

Editorial #190 “Politicians are not Leaders, they are Guides” aired July 9, 2020

Editorial #190 Politicians are not Leaders, they are Guides

There are few things more insulting to true Americans than when someone calls a politician a leader. They are not leaders. They are simply guides or managers doing that which “we the people” give them permission to do, that is to follow Our Constitution.

“We the People” are the leaders of the country and we hire and pay executives to run it like a business to do only three things: 1.


Editorial #189 “The Consequence of Consequences” aired July 7, 2020

Editorial #189 The Consequence of Consequences

In the 1960’s there was TV game show called Truth or Consequences where if a contestant gave the wrong answer to a trivia question, the player had to do a wacky stunt. Today, the ridiculous answers being given to solve this pandemic or questionable police practices is not much different. This pandemic and the Black Lives Matter riots has cause a huge consequence with similar results to that of the silly game show.


Editorial #188 “Does Lincoln Need a New Name?” aired June 30, 2020

Editorial #188 Does Lincoln need a new name?

What is the purpose of rioters tearing down statues, demanding name changes, while looting their own neighborhoods and destroying our cities? It can’t be because they want to fix anything. No one is that stupid or are they?

There is no remedy acceptable to them nor do they really want one. There is much more political advantage by keeping this chaos going. They want anarchy and the country in shambles because that is the only way they think they can win the up-coming presidential election.


Editorial #186 “The Depression Caused by News” aired June 25, 2020

Editorial #186 The Depression Caused by News

The emotional state of the country and the world seems to be at an all-time low and very fragile. The list of things that are wrong, incredible or depressing seems endless. But, if we were not told about this madness, few of us would notice it in our corner of the world.

Why listen to any news, if it is so depressing? Sooner or later someone will tell you about it,


Editorial #180 “The True Cost of War” aired on June 23, 2020.

Editorial #180 The True Cost of War

The United States is currently fighting two civil wars. One is against this pandemic and other is against racism. Both are terrible issues and should be eradicated, but they are being hijacked and exacerbated by the deep state to divide and conquer the country. The division is not whether to fight these wars but how to fight these wars. Should the country compromise our constitutional rights,


Editorial #185 “What is Inequity?” aired June 18, 2020

Editorial #185 What is Inequity?

Inequity is the word that best describes the cause for all the turmoil and chaos the country is experiencing. Inequity is being use as a weapon to justify this lawlessness and mayhem that would be considered an act of war during “normal” times.

What is the real reason for these demonstrations and riots that plague our country today? What are they trying to accomplish? What action item are they trying to implement?


Editorial #184 “Why Study History?” aired June 16, 2020

Editorial #184 Why Study History?

History buffs love the quote: “Those who don’t study history are bound to repeat it.” The fact is history is studied for only two reasons: entertainment and to know how not to deal with the present. History mostly teaches the mistakes. Why teach what went wrong instead of that which worked to make the world a better place?

History is always written by the winner. It always contains an element of propaganda and it is not set in stone.


Editorial #179 “Rules for Radicals” aired on June 11, 2020

Editorial #179 Rules for Radicals

With this pandemic, civil unrest and the election on everyone’s mind, we must not be distracted from the numerous warnings on methods of how to overthrow a government. The “Art of War” by Sunzi. The “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinski, “The Prince” by Machiavelli and “Dictator’s Handbook” by Alaster Smith are a few of the many books on the subject.

The most blatant signals are in “Rules for Radicals”:



Editorial #175 “Confusing Commentary with News” aired June 9, 2020

Editorial #175 Confusing Commentary with News

News and commentary are tools of propaganda. The beginning of the end of real news from network television occurred when the 24 hour news channel were born. There is not that much real news that was worth knowing, so to provide content it should have been renamed 24 hour commentary, instead. It is all commentary that is addictive and exist only for entertainment purposes. There is so little real news being reported on a national networks,


Editorial #155 “Anti-Discrimination is Discriminatory” aired June 4, 2020

Editorial #155 Anti-Discrimination is Discriminatory

Hypocrisy is becoming very apparent in today’s media, advertising, movies and political discourse. The pandemic and riots are being used to exacerbate a racist agenda in an attempt to gain political, social or economic advantages under the disguise of advancing social justice.

With any incident, complaint or demonstration: what problem are they really trying to solve? Too often there is no real problem nor any answer that would satisfy their demands.