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Editorial #350 “The Real Cause of Global Warming” aired on December 28, 2021

Editorial #350 The Real Cause of Global Warming

What is the real cause of global warming?  The short answer is: THE SUN.  The better question is what is the real reason global warming continues? CO2 is less than 1% of our atmosphere with over $20 Trillion spent trying to control it since 1970, with no evidence of any progress being made in stopping global warming. It has become a tool to control everything else based on the myth humans are able to control the climate.

In 1970 CO2 levels were 325 ppm.  In 2019 CO2 levels were 414 ppm.  Less than 1% of the 1% of the CO2 in our atmosphere is man-made.  This minute amount of man-made CO2 dropped by 7% in 2020 because of the pandemic.  This level is lower than the Kyoto Protocol goal for 2030.  If man-made CO2 is responsible for violent weather, the last 18 months should have been the quietest, not the most violent world-wide climate period in decades?

These violent climate cycles are obviously not caused by human activity, but to have climate change agenda succeed, there must be a villain. The warming and cooling of our planet has been occurring for millions of years, long before the existence of humans.  The plan is to make the villain big business.  These climate activists do not care about CO2.  They are using fear to control behavior and extort money because people who are scared are easier to control. These climate change activists make fortunes from contributions and businesses that produce more Green House Gas than they will ever eliminate, under the guise of saying they are fixing it.

This same scare tactic is being used with the pandemic.  All the efforts to control the spread have been largely ineffective. It is widely speculated that there was never any intention to control the spread as there is more money being made by keeping the pandemic going.  The short lock down was originally meant to slow a surge in hospitalizations.  Then masks were required, then social distancing, double masking, then a shot, then a booster and now, with a variant, that has a 99.5% survival rate, more lock downs along with cancellations and mandated vaccination with anyone who disobeys fired.

Why are all these failures in controlling a virus, which is about a lethal as the common cold, still being perpetrated upon us?  It is not to save lives. It is to keep the fear of a phony pandemic going so those generating this fear can profit.

There is another reason, with the deep state frantically labeling it as ‘conspiracy’.  If the deep state can keep the pandemic going into next year, “Mail-in-ballots” will be the only “Safe” way to vote. Another election, with the potential of fraud from mail-in ballots will give them enough time to wrestle complete control of our government from the people, eliminating our form of government that served us well for almost 250 years.  Voter fraud is the only way to cement the coup already underway.

Dumping $Trillions on the country does not make the economy better.  It addicts the country to ‘free money’ for those who pay little or no taxes.  The bulk of the money will go, un-reported, into the bank accounts of those who are ruining the economy and destroying our lives.   This mob rule for free money will bankrupt the nation.  All those who vote for this are deaf to the cries of desolate citizens in Hong Kong, Zimbabwe and Venezuela, who have been warning us about this for decades.

Our once great country owes its success to hard work, self-reliance, faith in God, community support, patriotism and integrity. None of these virtues are fostered by the agendas of climate change, the pandemic and the devaluation of the world’s strongest currency and economy.

As all war is caused by deception, this is the only way the New World Order has any chance of winning.   They must destroy our independence and then our spirit, making us helpless sheep readied for the slaughter.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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