Keith Kube

Editorial #168 Revised “Voting By Mail” aired June 2, 2020

Editorial #168 Voting By Mail Revised

The issue of voting by mail is heating up again with the President tweeting concerns about the potential fraud and corruption it allows.

Using this pandemic as an excuse to advance voting by mail is devious, hypocritical and almost treasonous. If allowed, any attempts at preserving the integrity of our election process is completely breaches. Not requiring identification to vote is equally corrupt.

Voting is the greatest privilege we have as citizens.


Editorial #183 ” Be Careful About What We Wish For” aired May 26, 2020″

Editorial #183 Be Careful About What You Wish For

When we first read Orwell’s “1984”, no one though this country could possibly be duped into allowing a “Big Brother Government” to do that to our country. We fought wars where hundreds of thousands of soldiers gave their all, believing our country was worth dying for, in order to stop such perversions of justice.

This pandemic has stopped this year’s Memorial Day ceremonies honoring those brave souls.


Editorial #178 “What Are You Willing to Die For?” aired May 28, 2020

Editorial #178 What Would You Die For?

For thousands of years, great minds have asked: “What is the purpose of life?” The answer, if there is one, should be the same regardless of culture, ethnicity, personality or individual core values.

Evolution controls our mortal life with nature’s purpose to make our species better able to survive. This pandemic is the latest case in point. Survival of the fittest is nature’s cruel law that dictates if and how we survive.


Editorial #177 “The Paradigm of Socialism” aired on May 21, 2020

Editorial #177 The Paradigm of Socialism

My hatred for socialism started after college when I started paying taxes. At that time I considered socialism an excuse used by those with Beta type personalities, who were willing to let life happen to them, compared to the take charge, Alpha type, personalities of those wanting to make something of themselves.

This pandemic has forced the country into a socialistic, Beta type existence, where people are letting the government do everything for them.


Editorial #169 “This is How Business Runs” aired May 19, 2020

Editorial #169 This is How Business Runs.

There is a theory in business: “It is never the one who figures it out, but the one who figures it out first will always make the money.” The axiom is also true: “Hind sight is always twenty-twenty.” David Hilbert said: “Nothing can be hidden from eventual truth and knowledge.” Sooner or later, we will all realize and understand what is happening.

This pandemic is a war.


Editorial #176 “The Environmental Agenda” aired May 14, 2020

Editorial #176 The Environmental Agenda

There are many hidden blessings in these unprecedented times among which are the blessings of understanding how to be self-sufficient, optimistic and to quickly identify hypocrisy. The adage: “It is not what happens that matters, but how we deal with what happens” is truly being tested. The phrase: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” also applies. On the list of all the unprecedented events that happened over the past 2 decades,


Editorial #174 “The Right to Pursue Happiness” aired May 12, 2020

Editorial #174 The Right to Pursue Happiness

The phrase “The right to pursue happiness” has become even more perverted by the way it defies logic because of this corona virus. Social justice warriors and the deep state are hijacking these words to extrapolate incredible demands from our government. They are always trying to expand the social safety blanket, to relieve us of any personal responsibility.

These voters are being taught to expect the government will guarantee good health,


Editorial #168 “Voting By Mail” aired May 7, 2020

Editorial #168 Voting By Mail

As if we don’t have enough problems already, using this pandemic as an excuse to advance voting by mail is devious, hypocritical and almost treasonous. If allowed, any attempts at preserving the integrity of our election process is completely breaches. If voting by mail is denied, they call it unconstitutional, cruel, heartless, burdensome and even dangerous.

Voting is the greatest privilege we have as citizens. It is also the weapon of choice used to steal our right to life,


Editorial #173 “What is Essential?” aired May 5, 2020

Editorial #173 What is Essential?

What is essential and what is non-essential? A better question: What is discretionary and what is non-discretionary? Essential sound like a dictator while discretionary is up to our good judgment. That decision should be made by whose money is being spent, not by bureaucracies who are more interested in their survival by telling us what to do. Their paycheck will still cash regardless of what happens to us.


Editorial #172 “If It Saves One Life” aired on April 30, 2020

Editorial #172 If It Saved One Life

Have we become a society that is too risk adverse? By the reaction of many politicians to this pandemic, it seems we have. Their motives can be summed up in five words: “if it saves one life….”

The phrase is used to allow almost anything, spend almost everything and be immune to criticism. It gives the perception of altruism. It is a politically correct sound bite used when trapped in rhetoric that may haunt them later.