Keith Kube

Editorial #211 “Truth in Pursuit of Happiness” aired on September 3, 2020

Editorial #211 Truth in Pursuit of Happiness

There is a theory in psychology: People change only if their current position is intolerable. The axiom to that theory: Everyone’s current position is the best or most tolerable for them at that point in time. That place is never their ultimate dream or utopia but the best, given their circumstances.

Life is a journey and not a destination. The mature way to live is to make the best of any situation for yourself and those we love.


Editorial #210 “What is Real Truth” aired on September 1, 2020

Editorial #210 What is Real Truth

This Country just experienced two National Political Conventions. The objective of both should have been exactly the same: to reinforce our American values that made this country great. “We The People” are supposed to learn from these events in order to select the best people to run this country to do only three things: proved Infrastructure, Security and Laws that are fair.

There are many ways to skin a cat with some ways better than others.


Editorial #209 “The Hypocrisy of Problems” aired on August 25, 2020

Editorial #209 The Hypocrisy of Problems

How is it possible for anyone to say they want to reinstate trust and integrity in our political system and then stand in front of the country and bluntly lie to America during their National Convention?

How can anyone claim they support life and liberty, then support the abortion of thousands of babies each day and completely ignore the riots and violence in Seattle, Portland and Chicago,


Editorial #208 “Black Lives Do Matter” aired on August 27, 2020

Editorial #208 Black Lives Do Matter

There is a stark realization in the world: Each of us is either part of the problem or part of the solution. The sad part is few know which one they are. The irony is, unless they are told, few realize there is a problem and ever imagined themselves to be part of the solution. Too many are apathetic and are “fair game” to be recruited as either victims or advocates.


Editorial #207 “Perception is 99% Reality” aired on August 20, 2020

Editorial #207 Perception is 99% Reality

There is no longer such a thing as national news. There is only the reshaping of perceptions designed to influence behavior. The college of journalism should be eliminated and placed in the department with psychology and creative writing. The phrase “truth in advertising” is a contradiction in terms with the saying: “perception is 99% reality” the only principle they follow.

Next to attorneys, used car salesmen and politicians the profession of marketing has taken a dive in social standing.


Editorial #206 “Things that are Politically Correct” aired on August 18, 2020

Editorial #206 Things that are Politically Correct

The madness of political correctness, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA has reached the point where their dysfunctional behavior exceeds the dysfunctional behavior of any patient found in a mental hospital.

Political correctness preaches that race or sex must be considered, regardless of skills or talent. That is the epitome of hypocrisy and discrimination that political correctness says they are trying to eliminate.

The thinking that making the rich poorer will help the poor to be richer is like destroying your neighbor’s garden to make your garden better even if you don’t have a garden.


Editorial #204 “The Perfect Test” aired August 11, 2020

Editorial #204 The Perfect Test

When 911 happened, all air traffic was grounded. It was a perfect opportunity to see what impact, if any, the exhaust from the thousands of plane flying at any one time was having on air quality, CO2 levels or global warming measurements. Now scientists have another more perfect opportunity to do the same test with this pandemic shutting down nearly everything.

Covid-19 literally stopped the world from driving,


Editorial #154 “To Be Part of the Team” aired August 13, 2020

Editorial #154 To Be Part of the Team

The greatest team in the world is the United States Military followed by our Law Enforcement Officers. The way society is evolving, few seem to realize that nothing can happen in our country unless we are secure from enemies, foreign and domestic. Without the military, law enforcement and the 2nd Amendment we have nothing. No one would be able to have businesses, go to school,


Editorial #199 “These are the Times that Try Men’s Soul” aired on August 6, 2020

Editorial #199 “These are the Times that Try Men’s Soul.”

When Thomas Paine said “These are the times that try men’s soul.” It sounds like he is talking about today’s national madness. As then, we must stop the hypocrisy and self-serving agendas of those trying to destroy our country. The founders knew the price to fight any war is always less than the cost of not fighting it and the cost of not fighting this chaos will be socialism,


Editorial #197 “Using Discrimination to Solve Discrimination” aired on August 4, 2020

Editorial #197 Using Discrimination to Solve Discrimination

Hypocrisy is a vital ingredient in causing this National madness. Black Live Matter is the biggest hypocrisy since the man-made global warming hoax. The resulting propaganda has made low information voters emotional snowflakes, scared of their own shadow.

Nothing constructive has evolved from either movement. After 60 years of civil rights and anti-discrimination legislation, spending $22 trillion along with two black presidents (including Clinton) and a record numbers of racial minorities in congress,