Keith Kube

Editorial #153 “How to Advance an Agenda” aired March 12, 2020

Editorial #153 How to Advance an Agenda

If we want peace and harmony in our country, it is necessary for a majority to agree on how to live when they have it. To change anything, a new narrative must be formulated and believed by that majority. Democracy is when a majority agree to a set of laws or rules on how things should be done.

In a democracy we will never have the best or the worst of anything.


Editorial #152 “If Things Were Free” aired March 10, 2020

Editorial #152 If Things Were Free

It is incredible that we have a presidential campaign where every speech is telling voters what they are going to be given. How can so many people, who have grown up in this country, believe any individual who uses the word “free” in every other sentence?

With all the platitudes we were taught as children: “anything free is worth exactly what you pay for it”,


Editorial #151 “Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!” aired March 5, 2020

Editorial #151 Don’t just do something, Stand there!

Not in my wildest dreams would I have believed the illogical, vacuous and embarrassing remarks could come from social media, newscasters and politicians.

With statements like: “We must keep people safe from corona virus but don’t close the border.” “We believe in our truth and not facts.” “We must prepare for the coming pandemic.” (But gives no indication of what to do.) Saying that something must be done about global warming,


Editorial #150 “Development of Nebraska” aired March 3, 2020

Editorial #150 Development of Nebraska

Many people are making careers out of ways to promote our great state. Practically every community has an economic development director, not to mention each county as well as the Governor having a cabinet position with the same title. The reason economic development efforts usually fail is: The problem was not perfectly defined. It must be identified first if there is any hope of solving it and that solution is not creating more jobs.


Editorial #149 “Opposition to LB 283 Climate Change Study” aired February 27, 2020

Editorial #149 Opposition to LB283 Climate Change Study

The continued funding of bills by the Nebraska Legislature that advances dishonest agendas must stop. Of all the problems we have in Nebraska, LR 294 titled: The acknowledgement of Anthropogenic Climate and Ecological Crisis, or LB 243 titled: “Healthy Soils and Water Task Force” and LB 283 titled: Provide Funding for Climate Change Study”, makes as much sense as funding a studies to see if 2+2=5.


Editorial #148 “Special Interest Groups” aired February 25, 2020

Editorial #148 “Special Interest Groups”

The words commonly used when complaining about money in politics and lobbyists who use it, is the term “special interest”. The irony is: in a democracy, where majority rules, we all have a special interest in things that happen in government. If taxes are used to do anything, we have a “special interest” in that action.

To eliminate any special interest is impossible. There is no such thing as perfect altruism,


Editorial #147 “The Art of Problem Solving” aired February 20, 2020

Editorial #147 Art of Problem Solving

I have mention in past editorials the steps necessary to solve any problem. The first step taught in any consulting class is to define the problem perfectly!

There IS only one right answer to any problem. But, every solution has an agenda and different agendas will change the best answer. This is what causes the famous “Gray Area”, by the fact someone does not like the answer.


Editorial #146 “Difference between Leadership and Followship” aired February 18, 2020

Editorial #146 Difference between Leadership and Followship

There is an alarming infection happening in our country and it is NOT the Coronavirus. It is the infection of propaganda our young professionals are being taught in our schools and information seminars sponsored by special interests groups.
These seminars and classes have very interesting titles like: Leadership Conference, Legislative Planning Session, Gender and Ethnic Studies, Open Sky Institute, Blue Print Nebraska and Platte Institute,


Editorial #145 “Solving the Tax Problem” aired February 13, 2020

Editorial #145 Solving the Tax Problem

Since we are all going to die, the only other thing in life left is to do something about taxes. LR 300, call the Consumption Tax, is a good start at solving that problem.

For any problem to be solved, it must be perfectly described if there is any hope of finding a solution. We don’t go to the shooting range with a blind fold on,


Editorial #144 “Looking back at Impeachment” aired February 6, 2020

Editorial #144 Looking back at Impeachment

With the impeachment in our rear view mirror, the two sides seemed to be living in separate universes with each arriving at exactly opposite conclusions.

There are lessons to be relearned here. It is alarming how the politically correct movement perverts logic with their reinterpretation of the rule of law.

1. “The seriousness of the charge” is never a factor in determining whether someone should be investigated or charges filed.