Keith Kube

Editorial #87 Space Program Results aired July 23, 2019

Editorial #87 Space Program results

It hard to believe this week marks 50 years since Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon. The Wright Brothers made their first flight only 65 years earlier when most people were still using horses as their main means of transportation. Comparing these events is useful in pointing out the speed at which technology is racing in our lives.

We all work to keep our lives as simple and manageable as possible but we are,


Editorial #86 Education Associations and Planned Parenthood aired July 18, 2019

Editorial #86 Education Associations and Planned Parenthood

There are relationships that no one would ever imagine they would be bed partners. The relationship between the National Education Association and Planned Parenthood is one example. One is supposedly dedicated to training our future citizens with the other focuses on killing the future generation before they are born. Both wrap themselves in the vale of compassion and care but one promotes dysfunctionality while the other carries it out.


Editorial #85 The Citizenship Question aired July 11, 2019

Editorial #85 The Citizenship Question

The citizenship question must be on the 2020 census. It is incredible there is any objections to putting this question on the form in the first place. It is an insult to any patriot if someone thinks it should not be there.

Membership has its privileges and for the liberal elite to believe non-citizens should be counted in our census is a backdoor way of stealing tax dollars from every American citizen and is treasonous.


Editorial #83 Free Education and Natural Selection aired July 16, 2019

Editorial #83 Free Education and Natural Selection

Life is what we all experience involving, work, decisions, mistakes, pains, stress and hardship along with the joys of family, friends, relaxation and entertainment. The world we live in has the extremes of good and bad. It is beautiful as well as parts that are not attractive. These contrasts are unavoidable as it is a law of nature. It is impossible to have one without the other as everything is relative.


Editorial #84 The Future aired July 9, 2019

Editorial #84 The Future

As we experience life there is a continuing anxiety about the future. The fact is we cannot experience the future, we only have the present, and worrying about it can’t change it. We can only plan for the future and be prepared to deal with it when it arrives.

There is a physics principle call entropy. It states the universe is constantly moving toward a more random and disorganized state.


Editorial #81 Prayer and Politics aired July 4, 2019

Editorial #81 Prayer and Politics

The fourth of July is our greatest national holiday celebrating the many gifts we have been given for being an American Citizen. We should marvel at the miracle of this country’s formation and be eternally thankful to those men and women who gave their lives, revered God and built this great experiment into One Nation, Under God.

The most hurtful part of giving any gift is the lack of appreciation by the receiver or not receiving a sincere thank you.


Editorial #80 Labor vs Efficiency aired July 2, 2019

Editorial #80 Labor vs Efficiency

In our quest for efficiency in our capitalistic system, there is a constant push to improve anything we do. Capitalism is the most humane, fair, naturally correcting, efficient form of economy ever devised with little need for government involvement or regulation. The free market works because if we don’t do the things our customer wants we won’t be paid. This systems is nearly impossible to improve upon.

The only way anyone can survive in a capitalistic system is to do,


Editorial #79 The Art of War aired June 27, 2019

Editorial #79 The Art of War

In our world there are natural laws that cannot be broken. Gravity, light and evolution are among the physical principles with which we all must deal.

Humans are in this evolutionary cycle that brought us to this point in world history which includes famine, oppression and war. This evolutionary process was noted in Darwin’s theory know as natural selection or survival of the fittest. It is cruel,


Editorial #78 Do No Harm! aired June 25, 2019

Editorial #78 Do No Harm

I am amazed at the contrasting stories we hear in the news these days. It is almost like the networks are looking at a completely different situations with the story line and conclusions polar opposites.

The Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors when they dedicate their life to helping people says: “Do no harm!” There should be a similar oath required by politicians and news reporters as well.


Editorial #77 New Political Words aired June 20, 2019

Editorial #77 New Political Words

In this day of differing opinions and contrasting ideas, a completely new set of vocabulary definitions have arrived. These words now have a “black hat” or “white hat” connotation that stirs emotions by their use, practically eliminating any possibility for civil discourse.

Words like pro-life, pro-choice, social justice, health care rights, climate change, safe speech zones, discrimination, diversity, economic freedom, or immigration, each categorizes a person with a full description of what is meant.