Keith Kube

Editorial #23 National Public Service January 10, 2019

As we continue to see examples of apathy, indifference and blatant disrespect for our national traditions like the flag, our anthem, the military and the police we are seeing the symptoms of the infection that impacts the fabric of the entire country.  The problem is a  our citizens are not personally invested enough in the country.  They simply misunderstand what it means to live in the land of the free and the responsibility we all have in supporting the systems that allows us to have liberty and the freedom to exercise it responsibly.


Editorial #35 Government Shut Down January 8, 2019

Editorial #35 Government Shut Down aired January 10, 2019

It has always amazed me that the function of our government has little resemblance to anything we do in our private lives.
The bickering over issues that were universally accepted a few year back now become points of contention and bargaining chips in the functioning and operation of the largest business in the country…..our federal government.
The current argument over funding a relatively insignificant expenditure for border security makes about as much sense as not buying locks for your house because you don’t like the local locksmith.


Editorial #34 The Nebraska Unicameral January 3, 2019

Editorial # 34 The Unicameral vs Bicameral legislature January 3, 2019

Just in case you haven’t notice, over the past 50 years, the economy of our great state has evolved from a largely agrarian based business model to a manufacturing, retail, finance based model.

As with everything, the only thing that is constant in life is change.  The gradual change in our farm based economy is not happening by accident.  It is happening out of a need for farmers and ranchers to survive in the world economy,


Editorial #18 Political Comparisons Aired December 31, 2018

Political Comparisons Aired December 31, 2018

During this period of political unrest and the constant bickering between various party affiliations, there is a new tactic consistently used to stifle debate.  The tactic is to refusal to allow any past examples of similar events in making a point of comparison.

It seems there is nothing the current president can to that does not meet with criticism or derision.  If the economy improves,


Editorial #31 Exampleship December 18, 2018


Since the dawn of man, world history has evolved by an alpha male type leaders conquering their neighbors, justified taking their land and possessions by declaring, “I took it from you fair and square”.  We can’t undo history but the facts are these wars happened and can’t be undone.  The irony is after these wars the leader would then declared, just like Rodney King,“Now let’s With the current unrest we see in our Country and the various movements that are affecting our lives,


Editorial #32 Nebraska Medicaid Expansion December 13, 2018

Nebraska Medicaid Expansion December 10, 2018

Now that the midterm elections are over, there needs to be a quick review of why things happened the way they did.
All the results were an attempt by the voter to make themselves feel better, not necessarily what would make the state better.
The Medicaid expansion was an ideal example. The vote did not improve health care one bit. It simply had the state take more “free money” from the Federal Government,


Editorial #29 Our Social Contract January 11, 2018

Editorial #7a Health Care Aired September 7, 2017

How the government invest our tax dollars comes to a very critical point when dealing with health care.  When does our personal obligations to our health care stop and when does The Government’s responsibility to provide health care start?  That point is known as the social contract that must be decided by “we the people”. 


Editorial #28 Plastic and Climate Change January 4, 2018

Editorial #28 Plastic and Climate Change

At the beginning of my career, as a process engineer, I was heavily involved on both the environmental and production side of energy generation, both renewable and fossil fuel.  With this background there were few aspects of the energy industry that we did not study.

With this foundation we studied all the environmental concerns of climate starting with acid rain, global cooling, global warming and now climate change. 


Editorial #25 Music December 12, 2017

At this time of the year, more than any other time, music is the universal form sensory stimulation that brings a rush of reminisces, uplifting spirits and joy to everyone who hears it.

The art form of music does not just happen. It is a result of generations of tradition, practice, parental urgings and hard work that is appreciated by everyone, especially by those who regret not continuing to take music lessons when they had the chance.