Keith Kube

Editorial #99 Purpose of Business and Government aired September 5, 2019

Editorial #99 Purpose of Business and Government

The only things we all have to do in life is make a living, enjoy the fruits of our labors by sharing what we’ve earned and save our soul. My father told me: “if you make the world a better place, you will probably save your soul.” To do this, the formula he gave to me was: live by the core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and have integrity.


Editorial #98 Presidential Candidates aired September 3, 2019

Editorial #98 Presidential Candidates

With a presidential election coming next year, there is over a score of people saying they want the job. It is amazing that over 90% of the candidates for president have little or no education or experience in business, only in government. One would think, anyone who wants that job would have extensive experience in business since the Federal Government is the biggest business in the world.
Government must run like a business with a chain of command,


Editorial #97 Bureaucracy and Incompetence aired August 29, 2019

Editorial #97 Bureaucracy and Incompetence

There is a physics law called entropy that states: everything in the universal is constantly moving towards a more random and chaotic state. This is the reason that stopping things from changing is impossible.

There are constant efforts to violate this physical law. The examples are climate change, population control, anti-trust laws, environmental movements, internet privacy, gun control, abortion, social welfare programs, public education and most government bureaucracies.


Editorial #92 “Data Mining” aired August 27, 2019

Editorial #92 Data Mining

There is a saying: “All saints have a past and all sinners have a future”. Originally this quoted was to encourage forgiveness for those with indiscretions. But today it hits closer to home. We all have parts of our past of which we may not be proud. These parts are now becoming a matter of public record. What people really fear is: they do not want the world will know who they really are and the concern this information could be used to harm them.


Editorial #96 “Your Rights” aired August 22, 2019

Editorial #96 Your rights

We live in the greatest country in the world because it has the fairest from of government. It is not perfect, but it is far better than any alternative.
Our constitution outlines our rights as citizens: They are simply: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Bill of Rights elaborates these rights in 27 amendments that limits the government but not the rights of the citizens.

Government’s obligation is to provide: security,


Editorial #94, Infrastructure, aired August 15, 2019

Editorial #94 Infrastructure

Our government provides only three basic functions: Infrastructure, Security and making laws that are fair, truthful, sustainable with integrity (no false or self-serving agendas).

All these functions have a price tag and we try to elect politicians with integrity who are supposed to determine the best way to use tax dollars to provide these basic functions. Tax dollars should not use them to buy votes. Our system of campaigns is supposed to allow us to determine if the candidate has integrity.


Editorial #95 Red Flag Law aired August 15, 2019

Editorial #95 Red Flag Law

The recent mass shooting tragedies delivered the same expected responses from anti-gun activist and liberal politicians. They always follows the same game plan used by socialistic extremists: Never let a good disaster go to waste.

The trial balloon being floated now is the “The Red Flag Law”. It encourages citizens to report suspicious activity of individuals who look like they are capable of harming someone.
This sounds like the WWII stories where German citizens reported friends and relatives to authorities who were Jewish or critical of the Nazi party.


Editorial #93 Mass Shootings aired August 6, 2019

Editorial #93 Mass Shootings

Everyone, including this commentator, is trying to say something profound about the mass shootings this week. The sad part is there is nothing profound to say. There is no law or magic solution that will make this stop. There is only hope that we each do our part by setting examples that the golden rule works.

Violence and war, are the extremes of love and peace. These extremes must exist just like cold must exist to know what is hot.


Editorial #91 Chinese Civil Unrest aired August 13, 2019

Editorial #91 Chinese Civil Unrest

I am not a big fan of saying we must learn history so we don’t repeat it. History is about all the things that went wrong or were very unusual and not about things that went right. History is very interesting but not that useful. After all, they are simply stories. Only the things that worked are useful to know. All the things found to work are in economics,


Editorial #90 Suicide of Police and Military aired August 6, 2019

Editorial #90 Suicide of police and military

The rate of suicides among our law enforcement officers has been increasing over the last decade with 159 reported nationally in 2018. The number is looking to be over 170 in 2019. It is more than the number killed in the line of duty. The rate of suicides among military veterans is also ahead of suicides for similar aged individuals. Regardless, any suicide is a tragedy.