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Editorial #349 “The Christmas of 2021” aired on December 23, 2021

Editorial #349 The Christmas of 2021

Thank God this year’s Christmas will not be like the Christmas of 2020.  Hopefully this Christmas will again be joyful with happiness, hope and best wishes to all those we love.  The gratification of a hug, hand shake, a kiss, visiting family, singing or being able to attend a full church with a large choir, will be a gift greater than any present we could receive on Christmas morning.


Editorial #348 “The Irony of Contradictions” aired on December 21, 2021

Editorial #348 The Irony of Contradictions  

This Covid pandemic has fueled the increasing divided in our country using a plethora of contradictions with both sides convinced they are in the right.  This is the classic war tactic of “Divide and Conquer”

Both sides can’t be right!  Which option will save more lives? Which option follows our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity? Which side is more altruistic, expressing more respect for life and human dignity?


Editorial #347 “The Slippery Slope of Words” aired on December 16, 2021

Editorial #347 The Slippery Slope of Words


For communication, peace and harmony to exist, there must be an understanding of what words mean and the spirit of laws using these words.

The only weapon we have in stopping the hypocrisy from the deep state’s “blitzkrieg” tactic of 24 hour news is constant vigilance, insisting these oracles of deception and sensationalism are constantly checked, making sure their words are fair and truthful. 


Editorial #342 “Do We Need Law Enforcement?” aired on December 14, 2021

Editorial #342 Do We Need Law Enforcement?

Do we need law enforcement? With terrorist attacks, homicides, riots, looting and demonstrations, the question is rhetorical. But what result are expected from those wanting to defund the police and encouraging these atrocities?

Is it peace, harmony or trying to set a good example for the next generation? Do they really expect their cries for less racism, more equality, less discrimination and more inclusion will now occur sooner?


Editorial #346 “Disguising Critical Race Theory” aired on December 7, 2021

Editorial #346 Disguising Critical Race Theory


The words “Critical Race Theory” have become the perfect distraction for an agenda that uses racism to eliminate racism, hides discrimination to promote reparations and confuses equity with the concept of equality, the constitutional right of every American.

Today propaganda deliberately distorts situations, revises history, cherry picks words and actions, projecting false intentions upon situations, to incite riots, looting, violence and division. 


Editorial #343 “We Need to Believe in a Future” aired on December 9, 2021

Editorial #343 We Need to Believe in a Future

We need to believe in a future! This seems logical for anyone who cares about the planet, our country, our family or God.  But apathy about the state of the world calls this statement into question. Too many will disregard that concern for the future if it does not impact them directly.  It appears that too many simply don’t care.

In looking at our country,


Editorial #341 “Compromising Security for Security” aired on December 2, 2021

Editorial #341 Compromising Security for Security

Can you relate to this?

I have a page in my notebook with over fifty user names and pass words to access accounts on my computer. To further complicate the matter, some of these passwords are time sensitive requiring them to be changed periodically.

Passwords have become a normal part of our age.  Now, an additional real time verification is often requiring us to transmit the number sent to our personal device.


Editorial #340 “Power Only Comes From Control” aired on November 30, 2021

Editorial #340 Power only Comes From Control

“We the People” own this country, formally known as “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

Ownership usually means control. To exercise that control we elect citizens we believe will use sound, fair, sustainable policies to assure the blessings of liberty and our prosperity.

When politicians are dishonestly elected “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  If our right to expect fair election is compromised,


Editorial #339 “Art of the Noble Lie” aired on November 23, 2021

Editorial #339 Art of the Noble Lie

Living a life of total honesty and integrity has been a challenge for humanity since Adam and Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge.  Almost everyone wants to be accepted, respected, liked and appreciated, but the adage “honesty is the best policy” is much easier to say than do.

We will do almost anything to shield our children from being hurt, disappointed or sad.  


Editorial #338 “What a Difference a Year Makes” aired on November 18, 2021

Editorial #338 What a Difference a Year Makes

A year after the election, many questions are lingering in the minds of most voters: How well did we handle the happenings of the past year?   Is the country happy with the election results? Are people seeing the pandemic as a fact of life which we accept as normal? Is there progress being made on stopping climate change? Is massive government spending solving any problems?