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Editorial #343 “We Need to Believe in a Future” aired on December 9, 2021

Editorial #343 We Need to Believe in a Future

We need to believe in a future! This seems logical for anyone who cares about the planet, our country, our family or God.  But apathy about the state of the world calls this statement into question. Too many will disregard that concern for the future if it does not impact them directly.  It appears that too many simply don’t care.

In looking at our country, many politician’s do things that defy concern for a brighter future. Many older politicians portray a “martyr complex” hiding their concern about keeping their prestige and the money while trying to do a job where their diminished mental ability does not serve the country’s best interests. They tout their service while passing laws that seem contrary for any concern for future generations.  If they realized the poor example they are setting, they would be doing a greater service by getting out of the way.

The responsibility of any manager is always to groom a future generation to insure the future is bright or at least functional.  George Washington is our country’s greatest president because he led by example.  Too many politicians are examples of the Peter Principle, where they were never able to work in private sector so they use their incompetence to work in government.

Apathy is a greater problem than social/economic issues, security or term limits.  If citizens actually realize what is happening, they would not keep voting these politicians into office.  We can’t expect politicians to solve any problems if we vote for politicians who are as apathetic as we are.  Patriotic citizens have an obligation to study and choose politicians who function fairly, honestly, sustainably and with integrity by following the true spirit of the Golden Rule.

Propagandized media and academia derail our ability to use logical thinking. Too many alternative ‘facts’ are being blasted onto the airwaves, over whelmed voters, making them unable to filter the propaganda. To paraphrase Yogi Berra: There is so much information out there that no one sees or hears any of it. It forces us to turn off our brain to maintain sanity.

Most national news stories have a dishonest agenda items hidden in them.  Our public education system is supposed to teach how to identify these dishonest agendas and ignore them.

Bureaucrats only know how to throw money at any issue, masking the issue, never recognizing the trillions of dollars already wasted on the problems.  They have become too naïve or indifferent to the unintended consequences of their actions while ignoring the impact on our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness not to mention the poor example for future generations to follow.

Government bureaucracies are not looking for new leaders. They are looking for more followers who will continue to ignore our core values and the Golden Rule.  They are seduced by invitations to parties, clubs and money that greases the skids of hypocrisy and corruption.  This is the only way they keep this gravy train rolling, but only if we let it.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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