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Editorial #349 “The Christmas of 2021” aired on December 23, 2021

Editorial #349 The Christmas of 2021

Thank God this year’s Christmas will not be like the Christmas of 2020.  Hopefully this Christmas will again be joyful with happiness, hope and best wishes to all those we love.  The gratification of a hug, hand shake, a kiss, visiting family, singing or being able to attend a full church with a large choir, will be a gift greater than any present we could receive on Christmas morning.

These are also times when we look back at past Christmases that seemed much more joyous that we would give almost anything to experience that again.  The irony is when we received those gifts we did not appreciate how important they were, now that they are missing.

The pain and suffering of so many, because of the pandemic that has a 99.5% survival rate, seem misplaced when compared to Christmas wishes and prayers to stop the anger, hate, stealing and revenge with peace on earth and goodwill toward men.

The expression: “live in the moment” is something we all realize long after that moment passes.  We must make this the best of each moment as this is the only moment we actually experience, with no opportunity to get it back.  We must realize how fortunate we are to experience Christmas in the greatest country in the world.  We have food and shelter with neighbors who will gladly help and share, when sad things happen.  Those moments shared with others help us overcome the pain and suffering that we must experience to appreciate the joys and wonders of life.

Next Christmas I hope we will look back fondly and remember how we dealt with 2020 and 2021.  We will see the mistakes and the successes of those years and be wiser, happier and better able to appreciate the remaining moments we have. Hopefully we will realize how blessed we are to experience each minute, hour, day and year as a gift that must be used and shared immediately as it is a gift that cannot be saved.

No matter how bad things seem, the old saying applies: The situation may be impossible but not serious.

Merry Christmas.  This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check his website for past editorials.

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