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Editorial #347 “The Slippery Slope of Words” aired on December 16, 2021

Editorial #347 The Slippery Slope of Words


For communication, peace and harmony to exist, there must be an understanding of what words mean and the spirit of laws using these words.

The only weapon we have in stopping the hypocrisy from the deep state’s “blitzkrieg” tactic of 24 hour news is constant vigilance, insisting these oracles of deception and sensationalism are constantly checked, making sure their words are fair and truthful.  It is a simple as following the Golden Rule.

The Achilles heel in protecting of our children from this deception is the public education system, better termed the public indoctrination system.  They are preparing our children to unwittingly absorb these redefine word meanings with faux justifications for their revisions.

When standardized test results are released to parents, education associations have their talking points and excuses ready.  They insist the fault is always completely outside the control of the educators who are teaching to the test, not to educate.  The pandemic, the culture, the lack of or slow speed of the internet not to mention their increased teacher work load resulting from “no child left behind”, addressing special needs students or too many kids are hungry and can’t learn on an empty stomach.

Their real agenda has devolved into manipulating bureaucracies for more funding and unmerited raises.  Increased funding seldom goes to things that are going well. It must be a problem first before it gets anyone’s attention.  In fact, if things are running smoothly, the tendency is to cut funding.

Like roads, the ability to get funding for schools is much easier if the roads and schools are badly in need of repair with the tax payer willing to pay more to have the problems go away.  If things are going well, there is no need to waste more tax dollars on things if they are working.

For the president to use terrible unemployment figures to justify more stimulus money, is exactly the wrong thing to do.  The people are not working because they are getting by without having to work, thus job are left unfilled.

To say crime is down in cities with record high murder rates and the “smash and grab” epidemic is a classic distraction. They are under-reporting the true picture as there are not enough law enforcement officers to process all the violation due to under staffing and higher dollar limits for felony classification, thus showing fewer violations.

It is incredible to hear anyone say the “helicopter drop” of billions of dollars will cost us nothing because “it is paid for!”  This is the epitome of insulting the tax payers.  It will not cost the government anything, because they are saying the “US” is Uncle Sam and not the tax payer.

To say the pandemic will go away if everybody gets the jab and wears a mask has not stop infections. With these safeguards, the rates of infections are increasing among the masked and vaccinated, not among the unmasked and unvaccinated.  Repeating failed actions with an expectation of different results is an exercise in futility and the classic definition of insanity.

Since “all war is based on deception” the constant “guerilla news” attacks are part of a civil war where the socialist perpetrators need not fire a shot to overthrow the country.  It is divide and conquer by simply redefining the meaning of the words used in our laws.  They make the spirit of the laws subject to persecution and criminalization, perverting our culture and eradicating the freedoms that God, not government, gave us.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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