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Editorial #362 “The Future of Nebraska if We Want It” aired January 25, 2022

Editorial #362 The Future of Nebraska If We Want It

A common human belief is the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. This is a powerful catalyst for our species to always strive for something better.  It is also a necessary trait for a species to survive.

Leaders are those who keep this motivation alive, always looking for improvements.  Their drive makes success and failures a lessons toward that quest. This is necessary for survival, always trying to make things easier and better. Those who do this, become leaders with failure not an obstacle, but a stepping stone.

Government seems to make it their mission to look for better ways to stay in power.  The simplest way to do is by taking your money and giving it to someone else to get their vote, saying it is in your best interest, if questioned.

The tax payer is often unaware of this dishonest agenda until after the vote with the multiplying effect brilliant until they run out of rich people with money. It also locks in return voters who get these non-essential government jobs, ensuring they are complicit with government edicts, no matter how they violate our constitutional rights.

Nebraska is unique in that few things flow into the state.  It is largely an exporter of goods and services. The agricultural economy is almost completely self-sufficient, a very desirable trait.  This explains why the state is known for its hardy, independent, hardworking, innovative, mentality.

Nothing is constant but change, everything goes in cycles and there is no free lunch.  These are the core beliefs of our state.

Nebraska is rooted in independence and self-reliance.  We are addressing our state’s taxation problems.  We have a great health care and education system. We will not compromise the rule of law, supporting our law enforcement offices, teachers and health care workers to keep our state safe, healthy and educated.  We are the best alternative for people wanting to flee the tyranny in their state.

Healthy, sustainable and a balanced life style is the ideal we all want.  These are the ingredients for the quality of life everyone desires.  Our limiting factor was the ability to make a comfortable living in the rural area when these services were limited.  With the advent of remote working, learning and health care, this limitation is disappearing. Now anyone can work anywhere with broad band internet, if the mail and FedEx can find you.

Being centrally located in the country is another reason Nebraska is the optimal alternative.  It makes us, on average, the most accessible point from which to ship or receive everything.  If the internet works and the UPS truck show up, there is no place like Nebraska.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin “We are Republic if we can keep it”.  It follows that “Nebraska has a great future, if we really want it.”

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making Nebraska and the world a better place.

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