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Editorial #300 “Organic and Racist Overkill” aired on June 29, 2021

Editorial #300 Organic and Racist Overkill

It is nearly impossible to hear any news that is not racist or blamed for warming the planet. Both are states of mind, contrived with no data that justifies their dishonest agenda.  Every murder, accident, terrorist’s event, unusual weather pattern or disagreement is recharacterized by national media to advance a racist or climatic change issue.

Slavery has existed since the dawn of civilization with weather around long before that.

Historically, slavery was perpetrated by those of the same race, as the oppressor.  It had nothing to do with race. Sadly, it was a way of using their defeated enemy as a spoil of war.  To say it is systemic makes as much sense as saying anyone who likes black licorice and not red licorice is oppressing the makers of red dye used to color it.  The issue only exists as a tool to extract reparations from 85% of the population, giving it to the remaining 15% based only on skin color.

True affirmative action would demand that only 15% of all NFL players be black and half women.  Commercials and TV shows would have only 9% of the actors be gay.  Practically all having some race or gender overtone now.  All job interviews would be done without talking to the individual and based entirely on resumes that have no words, only pictures.

To say that humanity is causing climate change makes as much sense as saying the rooster’s crowing makes the sun rise.  The fundamental fact is ALL the energy on this planet comes ONLY from the sun with greenhouse gases, which protects us from electro-magnetic and ultra-violet radiation, consisting of 70% water vapor and dust, 10% CO2, 4 % CH4.   Only 1% of all the GHG in our atmosphere is caused by human activity.

The lack of business activity and air traffic, caused of the pandemic scare, has lowered CO2 levels not seen since the 1970s yet these past years have seen unprecedented climate extremes. The world is cleaner now than over the past 75 years yet the CO2 in our atmosphere continues to rise.  Man is not the smoking gun.

None of the predictions about rising sea levels have occurred.  Glaciers have been melting for millions of years with the acceleration caused by the ratio of surface area to volume increasing as the glacier becomes smaller, increasing the heat transfer area.  A small ice cube melts faster than a big one.  No data has ever shown the 1% of GHG from man-made CO2 has any effect on variations in global temperatures.

The only change that has occurred since the formation of the planet, is the amount of solar flux that hits our atmosphere.  This can vary by as much as, plus or minus, 15% over decades.  This is caused by the variations in distance, global tilt and intensity from the sun.  None of these factor occur inside our atmosphere.

The temperature extreme at any location in world varies by over 50 degrees, on average, from season to season.  To eliminate any human carbon “foot print” makes as much sense as saying with must eliminate oxygen as it causes forest fires to burn hotter.

Any reduction in CO2 reduces the growth of any green plant which needs CO2 to grow.  Plant life would proliferate if there was more CO2 in our atmosphere producing more food.  Global warming was the reason the dark ages ended giving us the Renaissance period.  Those ages were not dark, they were cold.

The bottom line is we must conserve our natural resources, never wasting or misuse any of them.  The golden rule would solve all racism issues with the only man made environmental problem, plastics.  It is interesting that nuclear is the answer to all the worlds energy and water problems as fusion, like on the sun, will give unlimited amounts of both with no pollution.  It is only a matter of time……but don’t hold your breath.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check his website for past editorials.

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