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Editorial #298 “Why We Celebrate July 4th” aired on July 1, 2021

Editorial #298 Why we Celebrate July 4th

It is sad to see very intelligent young people falling into a life of crime.  These juvenile criminals evolve because of bad influences at the wrong time in their life, slipping past a point of no return.  Often it is just bad parenting.

The first pilgrims in 1619 came to escape the tyranny from monarchs who owned and controlled everything.  These pilgrims were like juveniles only exposed to the poor parenting of tyrannical kings and dictators. They tried the only system they knew when they arrived, which was socialistic, and it failed miserably. There was no government in the world that even considered living by the golden rule.

Monarchies used their subjects to provide food for their court in return for providing protection from warring neighbors.  This is a form of slavery, pure socialism with tyrannical overtones where the king takes almost everything in return for some security.

The process of our American Revolution was very messy.  Many of the Colonist were sympathetic to the British Crown and did not want to risk their position in colonial society.  They accepted the mild slavery of The Crown.   Franklin scolded them by saying: “Anyone prepared to give up a little freedom for some security deserves neither.”  Those same words apply today.

We celebrate “The 4th” as a way to recognize the divine intervention our country experienced. The objective of the founders was not to be free from British Rule, but take opportunity to implement a capitalistic government which was never done before!  This was the first time in world history were a “blank slate” was available to test it.  It would allow every citizen to own property in order to be a part of a capitalistic system.  All other places in the world were saddled with monarchies who were reluctant to relinquish their power and wealth to allow capitalism, with private property ownership, to be considered.

The opportunity seen by our founders was incredibly astounding.  A new country with resources beyond imagination.  An opportunity to build a new Nation, Under God with liberty and Justice for all.  It was not perfect as nothing ever is, with human failings along the way. Sadly, every country in history is a result of their conquests. Using these sad examples as excuses to condemn our country is like condemning the lion for killing a deer to survive.  Peace through strength, trust but verify and good fences make good neighbors are some of the many conundrums in life.

When we set off fireworks, it is not freedom from England that we are celebrating.  We are celebrating our right to own property, control our own destiny, believe in God and have a government that we control in order to force our politicians to try and live by our Golden Rule.

There are factions that don’t want a society that owns things and have liberty. This concept is very threatening.  They are the ones in charge and benefit from a socialistic system.  The power of ownership, self-reliance and liberty, under God with a system of laws that follow the golden rule and the Ten Commandment is why we are grateful and celebrate.  We must continue to cherish that which many brave sons and daughters died over the past 245 years.  Would you?  God Bless America!

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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