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Editorial #283 “What is Corporatism?” aired on July 6, 2021

Editorial #283 What is Corporatism?

We all know the phrases: Trojan Horse, Fox watching the hen house, Wolf in sheep’s clothing, Spinning straw into gold, with the warning that if it looks too good to be true, it is.

These phrases are meant to educate and prevent the next generation from repeating mistakes. We learn by either making a mistake or observing others making them. We wonder why so many people still touch a hot stove before remembering it will burn them.

There is new phrase added to the cautionary list: Multinational Corporations are not Capitalistic.  This “wolf in sheep’s clothing” syndrome has infected multinational companies as they hate capitalism.  This sheep’s wool, disguises corporatism to look like businesses friendly to capitalism.

Technology has rapidly transformed the world, into a game of “us vs them”, with survival of the fittest a proverbial arms race. Their incentive is to marginalize, vilify and eradicate any and all mention of God and standards of civilization based on a Christian moral foundation.

The rationale behind this new “me first” culture is we must prioritize our own survival, at the expense of others. Altruism has morphed into apathy.  The desire to “do good” has been preempted by an instinct toward greed. Recognition for true effort has been eclipsed by meaningless platitudes of achievement with “participation trophy” type awards and Critical Race Theory.   The result is a plague of entitlement, indifference and mediocrity.

Multinationals want control over financial outcomes, where capitalism does not allow control over markets. Multinationals use lobbyists to generate legislative regulations that stifles competition. They are, by nature, anti-capitalist, but disguise their message with marketing platitudes that confuses the gullible masses. Capitalism is based on the principles of a free market which breeds competition. Multinationals abhor competition. Their totalitarian ideology, wants to control everything under an empire.

The regulations on climate, race relations, energy, healthcare, birth and death, vaccines, abortion and euthanasia are all examples of manipulation for maximum profit and population control.  These are all spawned by lobbying effort from multinational corporations.

The multinationals, which includes social and national media as well as communist countries, are funding mechanisms for the “Uni-Party” which both Democrats and Republicans benefit. The payment process by the multinationals for control of legislative outcomes, is the purpose of K-Street.   In third-world countries, this bribery of elected officials is “corruption”.   In the United States the bribery of elected officials is “lobbying”, but the process is exactly the same.

Because of these realizations, there is now a rapid growth of conservatism. There is hope! The mask hiding the difference between corporatism and capitalism must be removed.  It violates all of our core values.  It is based on failed agendas of political correctness that advances principles that lets multinationals erode capitalism, hijacking a message of harmony and good will. This explains Biden’s passive interactions with Russia and China, the antithesis of those of Reagan and Trump. Peace through appeasement and surrender to intimidation, instead of “peace through strength”.  Biden’s policies are letting Russia and China take charge and call all the shots.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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