Keith Kube

Editorial #115 Laws Don’t Protect Us, aired October 31, 2019

Editorial #115 Laws Don’t Protect Us

I never cease to be amazed at the lack of logic of liberal elites and the snowflake generation. It seems they suddenly awoke and insisted on violating every law of common sense, not to mention the laws of physics, chemistry and economics. It appears like they never noticed gravity or realize they need to work. They feel entitled to everything and think money grows on trees. They don’t seem to realize free speech has responsibility and if someone disagrees,


Editorial #114 Diplomats, aired October 29, 2019

Editorial #114 Diplomats

It is becoming ever more difficult to accept the condescension, incompetence and corruption of the diplomates, lobbyists and political consultants, not to mention the media, in this country. It has probably been this way for over a century but it was not nearly as obvious as it is today.

Of course these political operatives are upset with the president. They are all being exposed for who they are: liars and self-absorbed,


Editorial #113 Can’t win for losing, aired October 24, 2019

Editorial #113 Can’t win for losing

The world has looked to the United States for providing money, humanitarian aid, military hardware and troops when disasters, real or self-inflicted, have occurred. These countries also looked to the United States to be the world’s leader in providing truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity. Foreign leaders indoctrinate their citizens, aided by the liberal left, into thinking our position and success in the world was ill-gotten and not deserved.


Editorial #112 Debt, War and Spending aired on October 22, 2019

Editorial #112 Debt, War and Spending

It breaks my heart to see pictures of innocent women and children caught in the cross fire of immigration, war or terrorists attacks. It angers me that these tragedies are often contrived by corrupt, power grabbing zealots or dictators who care little for humanity while advancing their agenda of religious or nationalistic convictions.

The hypocrisy of these leaders is: wars are very profitable and there is little incentive to not wage them.


Editorial #111a, Children in Politics, for aired on October 17, 2019

Editorial #111a Children in Politics

There is political strategy used by many world leaders since the invention of the photograph and the radio. It is to use children to advance an agenda. With this young Norwegian girl traveling the world, now the face of the man-made global warming hoax, children are becoming pawns to deliver propaganda. This is no different than the young demonstrators on immigration policy and gun control with older children acting out on occupy Wall Street,


Editorial #110 Encryption aired on October 15, 2019

Editorial #110 Encryption

I remember a game we played in high school, where if you could choose, would want the ability to fly without wings or be invisible? It is telling about the mindset of the individual by how they answered. The innocent answer is to be able to fly. The devious answer is to be invisible, because of the ability to do things that one would never do otherwise.

The age of technology has giving us the ability to be practically invisible and opened a Pandora’s Box of capabilities.


Editorial #105 Discrimination and Fed Policy aired October 10, 2019

Editorial #105 Discrimination and Fed Policy

I addressed my contempt for the words: Discrimination and hypocrisy in editorial #108. The examples of these perversions seem to be hitting us like an avalanche with issues like impeachment, education, Federal Reserve Policy and climate change only the tip of the iceberg (pun intended).

The latest accusations of discrimination are with Federal Reserve Policy, the stock market and the teaching of mathematics in our public schools.


Editorial #109 Plant Burgers aired October 8, 2019

Editorial #109 Plant Burgers

It is incredible to see the fast food industry aggressively advertise plant based meats during Husker games. Meat is Nebraska’s largest industry. So why should we buy plant based artificial meat processed with chemicals and additives that is more expensive, more labor intensive, has more calories and sodium with questionable health benefits in place of real meat?

It is because of the man-made global warming hoax and the animal rights movement.


Editorial #108 Discrimination and Hypocrisy aired October 3, 2019

Editorial #108 Discrimination and Hypocrisy

There are two words I hate: discrimination and hypocrisy. We all have likes and dislikes but political correctness has so infected society that just thinking about disliking something is being called racist. It seems discrimination is being found everywhere. It is the only card the PC movement has when all logical arguments fail.

The hypocrisy is when those who preach inclusiveness, tolerance, compassion and diversification but express hate,


Editorial #107 Impeachment aired October 1, 2019

Editorial #107 Impeachment

Much of the current news is about impeachment. Since the dawn of the 20th Century every president, except for two, has had hearings to impeachment, considered. That was because those two were either too weak to lead or did nothing that upset anyone. If one does not stand for something, they stand for nothing.

All the other presidents, who had hearings, were doing their job with which some disagreed or had human failings and got caught.