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Editorial #273 “Social Justice vs Biblical Justice” aired March 30, 2021

Editorial #273 Social Justice vs Biblical Justice

There are words used by the deep state that perverts logical understanding of society with terms like “Social Justice” along with “Equity”, “Inclusion” and “Diversity” under the same umbrella.  These words are code for the vacuous liberal concept that using discrimination will eliminate the very discrimination we all detest.

The disturbing part is these words are the foundation for Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto”.  That book advocates a government system that eliminates any consideration for fairness, truth or sustainability with a huge dose of hypocrisy needed to pass any law implementing that thinking.  This is the exact strategy being used by of the current administration.

The deep state’s definition of “social justice” is the opposite of any concept we would call Biblical justice under the law. “Social justice” twists the true meaning of justice in order to pass laws allowing revenge and retribution. Everyone wants justice, but most would hate the behavior “social justice” advocates.  It requires giving benefits and privileges to those who haven’t earned them by taking them away from others.

The word “Equity” also sound appealing but it is the antonym for the word “Equality” referred to in our constitution.  “Equality” means everyone starts at the same place in life. “Equity” means everyone ends up at the same place in life with advantages and assets re-distributed so everyone is equally miserable.  This is called stealing in The United States.

The word “Inclusion” is also used in this bait and switch scheme. The word sounds inviting and warm but it means is there are no qualifications for anything: for voting, jobs, citizenship rights or social programs intended for those who follow our country’s laws.

“Diversity” is code for affirmative action.  It is designed to populate any job or position of authority regardless of qualification. It is based solely on physical appearance or attitude with favorable treatment given to minorities and those who agree with the deep state, under the disguise of fairness.  This is anything but fair.

Diversity is a beautiful concept but poisonous to a society when it divides the country. The liberal understanding of the word “diversity” completely rejects any form of assimilation.

These words have been weaponized by of the deep state’s propaganda machinery.

Their agenda has infected our entire public education system, government bureaucracies, some Fortune 500 companies and the progressive socialist culture. This fully explains the crisis at our southern border.

Their strategy is to numb our future generations from identifying the evils of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusiveness.  It is then much easier to use their “mob rule” definition of democracy to justify implementing this depravity.  It also eliminates any possibility of having fair and honest election in this country.  We must be on guard to confront this perversion at every opportunity by sharing this message to stop this propaganda.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in helping others make the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check his website for past editorials.

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