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Editorial #275 “What Part of HR 1 is for the People?” aired on April 1, 2021

Editorial #275 Which part of HR 1 is for the People?

House Resolution: HR 1 “For the People Act” is a proposed law by congress that reads like a felon’s wish list.  It actually encourages more cheating in future elections.  The real question is which part of HR 1 is “For the People”?  It actually allows all the corruption of the 2020 election to continue until the country stops being taken for fools.

It puts the majority party in control of elections, not letting states have any say in election regulations.  It mandates automatic voter registration, mail in ballots and curbside voting with no signature or ID and allows voting up to 10 days after Election Day.  It prevents state election officials from ever updating voter rolls to exclude those who died or moved.  It also bans any state from requiring voter ID and prevents any state from prosecuting anyone who committed voter fraud.

It allows same day voter registration to anyone over age 16, including felons.  It mandates early voting by mail and requires ballot box be place 45 days before the election.  It legalizes ballot harvesting with no limit on the number of harvested ballots one person can solicit, collect and submit for others.   It also requires colleges to hire “campus voter coordinators”.

The democrats also put a “fire wall” in the law by specifying any constitutional challenge must be filed in the kangaroo Washington DC District Court.  This is intended to slow down any attempt at stopping the law before the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional, before the 2022 elections.

Pelosi and Schumer are getting unexpected “push back” on this travesty from their own constitutes. Even those who liked the recent outcomes see how dishonest this is and are distancing themselves from this idiocy.  Democrats know cheating is the only way they can win elections, but don’t want to be associated with such blatant displays of arrogance and condescension.  They also realize winning is meaningless if every knows they cheated by using the tactics in HR 1 that tries makes them legal now.

The latest polls show over 65% of all minority voters want voter ID and don’t think it is racist.  Over 75% of all minorities are saying there is no burden presenting an ID.  These democrat lies claiming it is racist and a burden are wearing thin.  This exposes the bigotry of their low expectations and is insulting to minorities.  It means they believe their constitutes are too stupid to acquire an ID and vote for what they believe is best for their family without being told they are victims.

HR 1 goes even further regarding candidate financing:   It requires states to have “independent commissions” to redraw district lines, appointed by a 10 person national committee whose mission is to “protect United States democratic institutions”. Only four of the committee can be from the minority party and leftist know this does not protect, but undermines our democratic institutions.

HR 1 has campaigns funded by tax dollars, sets limits on fund raising and allows campaign funds to be used for personal expenses.  It requires the President and the Vice President to divest all financial interests and present their tax returns.  Anyone who would agree to completely divest and disclose their financial interests to run for office, has little or nothing to disclose.  Anyone who is successful, and achieved it honestly, would not subject themselves to this hypocrisy and insult.

Using Trump’s “Art of the Deal” they hope some of this attack on our constitution gets through. Thank God that even democrats are not that stupid, seeing the dishonesty, corruption and embarrassment of being caught cheating.  They know a day will come when the stupidity of this law will come back to haunt them.  I just wish it wouldn’t take so long.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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