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Editorial #272 “Is American is a Revolution or a War?” aired on April 6, 2021

Editorial #272 Is American in a Revolution or a War?

I have been critical of the statement: “we need to study history so we don’t repeat it.”  This is a typical remark of insecure history majors with an inferiority complex, to inflate their ego. They are often diplomates who feel they should be considered a source of useful information and/or council.

In fact, it is a lazy way of trying to predict the future without thinking or being able to extrapolate.  How many times does one need to touch a hot stove to know it will burn you?

Most events are predictable when the core values of the instigator are known.  If their agenda is honest or disingenuous, their actions and personality will portray their expected outcome sooner or later.  The time frame is much trickier.  The deep state does not worry about time.  They play this game of attrition like the frog in a gradually warming pot of water.  It will eventually it will kill you if you don’t jump out.

The deep states plan is to depress people, making them easier to control by making them dependent.  This makes their devious agendas much easier to perpetrate upon the helpless, weak and vulnerable with young children and women their targets as that is the future generation.

We live with our legal system: “Innocent until proven guilty” meaning perpetrators can’t be stopped before committing any atrocity.  By tolerating slight compromises of our core values, it is a stealth approach to delivering a kill shot.

We cannot let history repeat itself by tolerating increasing degrees of bad behavior.  In dealing with the corruption of a government’s dishonest agenda, the perpetrator is the entire deep state and we can’t arrest everyone.  The inevitable outcome is exactly the same as any corrupt government, it will continue until overthrown.  Germany, Japan, France, Rome and Greece are all governments that failed because of a blatant disregard for our core values that became intolerable to the majority of the citizens.

The past year’s activity manipulated the country into submission by entities we thought we trust: Our public schools, our health care industry, the bureaucracy as well as our congress and president and many Fortune 500 companies.   The real concern is most of the people implementing these executive orders, policies, laws and business decisions are unaware or in denial of the evil they are advancing by simply doing their job or following orders.

With the left calling this the “Build Back Better” program of revolutionizing capitalism by destroying our currency with a nihilist war, like the French Revolution, these atrocities ended only after the elitist devoured their own with the guillotine.  The depravity stopped when the world impugned France and stopped recognizing the ignorance and corruption of their revolution.

One does not go to a target range wearing a blind fold, just as we must confront evil that is being disguised as charitable, compassionate, benevolent or Christ like.  It is none of these things and we should be able to recognize it for the evil it represents.  We can only destroy a target by seeing it clearly before shooting.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in using our moral compass to confront that which is trying to stop anything that does not make the world a better place.

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