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Editorial #278 “The Logic of Liberal Thinking?” aired on April 22, 2021

Editorial #278 The Logic of Liberal Thinking?

It is not surprising liberals are so confused on so many fronts. They must ignore the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and economics when it undermines their agenda. They ignore any scientific, political or judicial processes to implement their changes by forcing it into the “court of public opinion” through propaganda and push polls of false choices.

Their strategy is very slow, deliberate and uncompromising.  “Poaching the frog in a slowly warming pot of water” is their devious method for imposing evil on an apathetic society. It causes good, caring people to allow unspeakable atrocities to infect a gradually numbed society, starting with pre-school through publicly funded child care.

When liberals “smell blood in the water” they become emboldened and impose chaos to confuse and intimidate.  BLM and ANTIFA are examples of what happens when tyrants and thugs take control using guerilla warfare tactics to accelerate their “mob rule” of democracy.

These “wars” range from confronting unfair elections and the pandemic to climate change, racism and gender studies.  This is part of a strategy to causes systemic problems in the economy, our legal system, infrastructure and the nuclear family.  They ignore any logical, scientific or moral compass which resulted in the atrocities of communism last century.

The comforting part is these problems are all fabricated by propagandizing contrary beliefs in God, eternal life and sound scientific principles.  They want to overwhelm and intimidate those who are scared, tired and vulnerable allowing the government to compromise our rights.  Franklin said “if some give up some liberty for a little safety they deserves neither”.

These wars are spun to appear as caused by forces other than themselves. They push their existence upon society by demanding unearned respect, propagandized through perverted applications of political correctness and social justice.

The fact is 80 million citizens did not vote for Biden in spite of the deep state and social media insisting they did.  There is there is no man-made global warm.  The natural warming/cooling cycles accelerates and decelerates with time over thousands of years caused only by varying solar flux.  The only racism in this country occurs when it is used as an excuse against those who are trying pervert our core values in order to seek reparations. The pandemic is over.  The Covid-19 virus is a variation of diseases that have occurred over thousands of years with the mortality rate declining to less than flu when deaths are properly and accurately recorded.  The deep state is allowing China, as the instigator, to deny blame for the virus in order to move them up in world dominance.  This is very profitable for the deep state, at the expense of our country.

The liberal elites have stolen our value system through their application of “mob rule” democracy.  The only reason they have any power is because we gave it to them.  None of these issues would exist if we live by our core values, dismissing anyone who violates them.

It angers liberals when they feel marginalized. They will try to incite violence, giving them more reason to pout, scream, yell, hit and kill.  They are looking to see how far we will let them go before being stopped.  They are too cowardly, wimpy, stupid and out of shape to have any courage without the mob behind them.

The best way to combat these attacks is to ignore them by never listening to national broadcast media news.  You will be amazed how informed one becomes when you stop listening to lies and use your common sense.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best to have the courage to make the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check his website for past editorials.


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