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Editorial #280 “Biden’s Invitation to a Civil War” aired on April 13, 2021

Editorial #280 Biden’s Invitation to a Civil War

There will soon be a note in your mail box, along with your stimulus check, inviting you to the Civil War the Democrat party is planning.

When a government makes laws that murders babies, denies the existence of gender, punishes gun makers, persecutes businesses by taxing them and intimidates corporations who disagree, is the formula for a world where there is no life, morals, values or logic that can sustain a stable family unit of a father, a mother and children.  These are the seeds that grow into war.  All wars start when a society is forced to compromise their core values.

In what world do we outlaw hammers or knives if they were used it to kill someone? In what economic model are business taxes not passed through and paid by the consumer?  On what farm do we assign the sex to our animals, arbitrarily?  What human, with feelings, emotions or morals, would allow any child to be dissected, harvested or murdered as it helplessly struggles to breathe?  What country would allow human traffickers to dump babies in the desert or throw children over the border fence while Biden entices illegal immigrants to flood our country so they can vote democrat?

No world, no economic model, no farm or human would consider such depravity, stupidity, ignorance or cruelty, unless they want to be like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, North Korea or Communist China, fighting to stay in power.

This new species, that pushes such godless, selfish, unstainable agendas, is called the Democrat Party.  The most incredible part is there are claims 80 million people voted for a President that believes this depravity is good for the country.

In a sane, moral world it is inconceivable there would be more than a handful of these “so called” humans that would associate with or support anyone who would promote these depravities and lies.

It takes a huge amount of corruption to be so willfully blind, callous, cruel or narcissistic.  All we can do is pray natural selection will again cause this evil to consume itself, before these leaches can convince us they are smarter than we are and tell us they are doing the right thing for the country.

The is solace in the conviction that our faith in God and the Ten Commandments along with trusting in our constitution will again give us comfort, as this too will pass.  But we must continue to profess our core values by example and speaking its message.

This is how Biden’s civil war is going to start, unless it is confronted and stopped.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in rejecting this invitation to evil, so we can make the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Check his website for past editorials.

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