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Editorial #71 Student Debt aired May 30, 2019

Editorial #71 Student Debt

The, so called, student debt crisis is a classic example of hypocrisy with politician now trying to take credit for solving a problem they created.

The cost of education has doubled over the past 30 years with the quality of the product seeming to be going down at almost the same rate. The government programs guaranteeing these loans, is a perfect con game where schools are supplied with an endless stream of young,


Editorial #70 The Tariff War aired May 28, 2019

Editorial #70 The tariff war

In the world of business there is the fundamental expectation that trust and fairness must be a part of every transaction. When this is missing, logic and good judgment are gone and things operate like a mafia where intimidation and coercion is the rule. This is why the situation regarding tariffs is so important to understand.
The business culture in China and other communist countries do not have the ingredients of trust and fairness.


Editorial #63 Islamic Invasion aired May 23, 2019

Editorial # 63 Islamic Influence on U.S.

There is major contagion is surfacing in the world and it is not the measles. It is the terrorist attacks on innocent Christian and Jews around the world and is becoming a major concern in our country with the media giving little attend to what is happening. It is the infection of Islamic Law into our culture known as ISIS. ISIS means the Islamic State of Iran and Syria with their religion being Muslim.


Editorial #69 Right to Life aired May 21, 2019

Editorial #69 The Right to Life

The old adage that it is impolite to talk about politics or religion has suddenly become a matter of life and death with the abortion issue. Political correctness propagated this myth that it is gauche and makes people uncomfortable because if politics and religion were discussed, the hypocrisy from the liberal media would be exposed. They do not want thinkers, but followers who do not question or discuss what is happening.


Editorial #66 It is always something aired May 14, 2019

Editorial #66 It is always something.

There always seems to be something to worry about or with which to be concerned. No matter how good things are, there is always an issue that keeps things from being perfect. We all know this, but as responsible adults we all have a list of things we would like to fix in an effort to minimize future problems and make things better. A stitch in time saves nine!


Editorial #68 Term Limits aired May 9, 2019

Editorial #68 Term Limits

During my career I have moved to both extremes regarding the issue of term limits for politicians. Nebraska has a limit of two terms for state senators. The result causes a problem that is part of human nature. The second term they becomes a “lame duck” where accountability is no longer a priority. They can do anything and it will not impact their career in the legislature, often resulting in sponsoring extreme positions to gain favor with special interests groups.


Editorial #67 Legislative Run Down aired May 7, 2019

Editorial #67 Legislative Run down

I receive several local and regional papers from surrounding communities with a legislative summary by various senators. I find them very interesting but these reports often sound like they were written by the same person. They are like scores from baseball games with the vote tallies on each bill. Each senator’s summary is amazing similar, leading me to think they originate from a single source. Their summaries usually do not address their personal position nor how they voted.


Editorial #65 Tax and Spending aired May 2, 2019

Editorial #65 Tax and Spending

There is an old Chinese Saying: The situation is impossible but not serious. This seems to be the attitude of our State Legislature in dealing with our huge property tax problem. The current excuse used by the state is they do not have control over local taxing authorities. This situation IS very serious and it is NOT impossible to fix. Since 1992 property taxes have consistently risen with every measure to reduce property tax resulting in tax increases after 2 years (the time of one legislative session)

Over the past 50 years our legislature has managed to place Nebraska #2 nationally in state and local taxes with 49% being property taxes.


Nebraska Eagle Forum by Kathy Wilmont April 28, 2019

Nebraska Eagle Forum by Kathy Wilmont for April 28, 2019

Several Senator Priority Bills still in play:

LB 209 (Albrecht) Require information regarding reversal of medication abortion SUPPORT Write to your Legislators requesting their support. Don’t wait- This bill has just been voted out of committee and will be debated by the full legislature Monday April 29! Over half of all abortions in Nebraska today are “medication” abortions. Thankfully a new,


Editorial #64 Erosion of Personal Rights aired April 30, 2019

Editorial #64 Erosion of Personal Rights

The erosion of personal rights seems to be a higher priority this session of the Unicameral not to mention the narrative from national candidates running for president. Of the hundreds of bills introduced in the legislature it is surprising how many unwittingly infringe on our rights of ownership while trying to be more fair to certain special interest groups. All the bill that address wealth redistribution, inspections,