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Editorial #204 “The Perfect Test” aired August 11, 2020

Editorial #204 The Perfect Test

When 911 happened, all air traffic was grounded. It was a perfect opportunity to see what impact, if any, the exhaust from the thousands of plane flying at any one time was having on air quality, CO2 levels or global warming measurements. Now scientists have another more perfect opportunity to do the same test with this pandemic shutting down nearly everything.

Covid-19 literally stopped the world from driving, flying or working not to mention socializing in any way. Oil prices went to zero. This resulted in man-made CO2 levels falling to levels not seen in decades. The amount of man-made CO2 reached levels far below any levels targeted by the Paris and Kyoto Climate Change Accords of which the United Nations was trying to dump on the world.

These reduced levels are impossible to maintain as we return to normal. The fact is these reductions in man-made Greenhouse gas emissions had no measurable effect on the climate. This summer the world is experiencing a higher temperatures, more hurricanes, heavier rains and more glacial melting since records were kept.

Shouldn’t these so called experts question their theories about global warming? None of their predictions have ever come to pass. This near perfect test, caused by the pandemic shutdown, should show some proof of their predictions that are impossible to test otherwise.

This is exposing the incompetence of these so call experts who have yet to guess right on any of their projections. This pandemic, global warming, systemic racism, poverty issues or gender studies are showing the futility of this propaganda that is trying to force solutions to non-existent problems. They are expensive, complicated, confusing and impossible to verify efficacy. No one would notice any of these problems if they were not hyped by the national media. They are simply looking for more fools to give them more money to find more victims who will give them more money.

These are self-serving, egocentric, condescending and cowardly acts by incompetent academics and bureaucrat who have never worked in private industry. Their predictions occur far beyond their lifetime and will never have to face the evidence of their incompetence. They would never survive in private industry where consequence are swift if one is wrong.

This is a free country and anyone can say anything, but it does not guarantee that they must be heard. Sadly, they have the right to publish their predictions and have peers review their work it in order to keep the hoax going. They are completely immune from the consequences of their flawed projections that causes economies to implode, our liberties compromised, our religious freedoms stifled, gender and racial studies promoted while allowing the abortion of millions of black babies and declaring the United States is racist, greedy and black lives matter.

Animal rights activist are now demanding that farmers sedate live stock for normal operations, but want to allow the dismemberment of a full term baby to be ripped apart in the womb of its mother. This is all evidence of the intellectual depravity we are seeing from the deep state that wants to change American.

That will not give us a country in which any intelligent, God fearing, hardworking individual who believes in God and the rule of law with capitalism would want to live. God Bless America.

This is Keith Kube wish you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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