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Editorial #154 “To Be Part of the Team” aired August 13, 2020

Editorial #154 To Be Part of the Team

The greatest team in the world is the United States Military followed by our Law Enforcement Officers. The way society is evolving, few seem to realize that nothing can happen in our country unless we are secure from enemies, foreign and domestic. Without the military, law enforcement and the 2nd Amendment we have nothing. No one would be able to have businesses, go to school, recreate or even grow our food if we are under constant threat of being attacked by those who want to take that from us. To even consider defunding our police, eliminate the 2nd Amendment or not support our military is treasonous. It is no wonder our country loses over 50 police and military veterans every day through suicide with this attitude by a liberal segment of the population who do not appreciate their dedication.

Individuals who chose to serve our country in the military, realizing how dangerous, lonely, challenging and underappreciated it is, are a special kind of hero. They accept the challenge and it is sad that society no longer considers it a rite of passage. Their training is second to none with their skills greatly valued in business and industry with law enforcement very desirous of the physical skills learned during their service.

Why don’t our schools teach that personal responsibilities is expected in return for being an American Citizen? Military training and discipline is so important and valuable to society, it should be mandatory and part of all high school curriculum along with firearms training.

We cannot give our service members and veterans enough for their work. Programs like the GI Bill or VA loans are a start. Free life time health care is vital for the risk they took to serve. Benefits like free park admission to all state and national parks for those who became disable during their service defending that very land, is only fair. Thank you Senator Gregart for sponsoring LB 770, addressing this.

Kennedy’s words: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country?” are being increasingly ignored and almost mocked. Many do not feel any patriotism or understand the sacrifice of the many who gave their lives for our Country to reach this point.

No one in this country should expect free health care, free college education, or special loan programs if they have not served our country in some fashion, yet have the nerve to call it a human right? We all have a responsibility to contribute something in return for the benefits they receive. Our tax dollars must support our military in this fashion. For the deep state to demand we give our hard earned tax dollars to those who have not served, do not pay taxes or refuse to stand for Our National Anthem are freeloaders, cowards and traitors.

This is another consequence of political correctness and the “Participation Trophy Mentality” that allowed movements like the BLM to start. They have no concept of working toward a winning result. The demonstrations and displays by protesters and rioters solve nothing. It is simply whining from a “snow flake society” that puts our country in a very venerable position. And the 2nd Amendment is vital because the military and the police cannot be everywhere. That is part of being self-reliant. We are all members of Team USA helping with the security of our Great Country. This is how the Our Country works, with all of us being a part of the greatest team in the world, if we are prepared to defend it. Freedom is never free.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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