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Editorial #197 “Using Discrimination to Solve Discrimination” aired on August 4, 2020

Editorial #197 Using Discrimination to Solve Discrimination

Hypocrisy is a vital ingredient in causing this National madness. Black Live Matter is the biggest hypocrisy since the man-made global warming hoax. The resulting propaganda has made low information voters emotional snowflakes, scared of their own shadow.

Nothing constructive has evolved from either movement. After 60 years of civil rights and anti-discrimination legislation, spending $22 trillion along with two black presidents (including Clinton) and a record numbers of racial minorities in congress, the situation is worse today. After 50 years of environmental alarmism and thousands EPA mandates long with spending $10 trillion, global warming continues.

Propaganda works through intimidation, fear and fanning discrimination along with political correctness. The Covid-19 virus is following the same hypocritical agenda with the shutdown making things worse than the disease, with their projections seldom correct. The media makes the virus sound deadly, in spite of 98.2% survival rate. This mindset is fertile ground for the BLM movement, environmental alarmism and the over-reaction to this pandemic. Most of us would not notice these problems if not for the hype from the national media and the deep state.

•More people die each day by suicide than from Covid-19. 9000 of us will die in bed each day from something other than Covid-19. Their logic would dictate to never go to bed to sleep.

•Man’s contribution to greenhouse gas is equal to a can of beer in an Olympic size swimming pool with 75% of all greenhouse gas water vapor and dust outside of human control.

•52% of all deaths by police are white, while only 26% are black.

•If black lives really mattered they would shut down every abortion clinic in the country. 37% of all abortion are black babies in spite of blacks being only 13% population. Over 60% of all black deaths are by abortion (over 360,000 per year).

Using affirmative action to solve racism is the epitome of discrimination and hypocrisy. To notice or use skin color or sex, as the determining factor for anything, is racist and the very definition of discrimination and bigotry. The only racism in this country is by those who claim that racism exist.

The Nebraska Legislature is trying to create a Commission on African American Affairs, which is the epitome of racism. A Commission on Anglo-Saxon Affairs must also be formed to assure no there is no discrimination. The creation of any commission always guarantees problems will be found.

For the Unicameral to “review various climate related findings and acknowledge an anthropogenic climate and ecological crisis” or to create a “soils task force” are examples of creating a solution to a non-existing problem. Again these studies are a waste of money and guarantee that problems will be found to justify their existence.
Proposing the removal of Columbus Day from our calendar is also complicit with the anarchy of removing statues around the country. Virtue signaling, where criticizing customs that are now considered intolerable, is no solution. The revisionist and cancellation mentality is a classic step that wrongly uses reverse discrimination, again accomplishing nothing of substance.

Any politician that proposes such laws is not fit to help run a dog pound, much less help run the biggest business in the country. Using discriminating against someone to solve a non-existent problem is hypocritical. If history teaches them anything, they should realize the errors of their thinking by realizing that using discrimination to solve discrimination has never worked.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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