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Editorial #207 “Perception is 99% Reality” aired on August 20, 2020

Editorial #207 Perception is 99% Reality

There is no longer such a thing as national news. There is only the reshaping of perceptions designed to influence behavior. The college of journalism should be eliminated and placed in the department with psychology and creative writing. The phrase “truth in advertising” is a contradiction in terms with the saying: “perception is 99% reality” the only principle they follow.

Next to attorneys, used car salesmen and politicians the profession of marketing has taken a dive in social standing. It has become a tool of political campaigns and indistinguishable from the news that is fake. It short, all news today is propaganda. Today, social media and 24 hour news cycle only uses the principle: If the story that bleeds, it leads. Facts no longer matter.

The national broadcast news and social media are forms of entertainment and a carrying agent for perceptions the elites and powerful use to advance their liberal agenda. Professional and collegiate sports are unwittingly being hijacked into promoting this propaganda. Logic must not be allowed, for it to be effective. This requires our public educational system to be complicit. Their objective is to have everyone echo the same talking points, without thinking, for it to work.

It the past our core values, the Ten Commandments and the golden rule was the Gold Standard. It was the only platform of universal truths used by patriots and God fearing, honest citizens with integrity. These truths were self-evident, unchanging and religiously taught in our public schools. This made us the great silent majority that can no longer remain silent.

This is the agenda of a “New World Order”, socialism, totalitarianism and social justice that requires a complete overhaul of our conservative values. All wars are fought to stop those who want to pervert our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity.

The lack of “Good Parenting” with social programs that encouraged fatherless homes, abortion and identity politics has perverted the most vulnerable part of our society, our children. It has eliminated any encouragement of family values, being self-sufficient or learning any system of problem solving. They teach everyone is entitled to complain and demand that happiness must be provided by the government with no one taking personal responsibility. Anyone who tries to achieve success, outside of these government programs, is taxes, persecuted, shamed, robbed and threatened because it upsets their ability to control our lives.

This pandemic has given the perception that all the things we valued are not worth saving. They are winning the war if we stop going to church, stop working and stop questioning the need to shut the country to control something that 98.2% of everyone who contracts it survives. We really have nothing to fear but fear itself and the loss of living by our core values.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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