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Editorial #49 Newspapers and Social Media aired March 12, 2019

Editorial #49 News Papers and Social Media for March 12, 2019

Today we have technological marvels with incredible capabilities giving us solutions to problems we didn’t know we had.
The year I graduated as an engineer, was the last year for anyone to graduate without the use of a handheld calculator during our college career. Every calculation to solve any problem was done with a slide rule, which required us to estimate the answer first.


Editorial #50 Liberal Assault aired March 7, 2019

Editorial #50 Ongoing Liberal Assault for March 7, 2019

The barrage of liberal laws continues with seemingly endless attempts to pass legislation that undermines our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity. No one could honestly agree with you if you declared these core values were bad or destructive. They are vital ingredients for a society to have any chance of surviving. The reason why liberal proposals seem objectionable is they always violate one or more of these core values.


Nebraska Eagle Forum Newsletter March 1, 2019 by Kathy Wilmont

Eagle Forum Newsletter
March 1, 2019 by Kathy Wilmont 308-340-3987

Please pay close attention to this week’s newsletter. We had included information to cover the next two weeks. With an arm surgery next week, it may be very inconvenient to try to type! By clicking on a bill you have been following that has already had a hearing, you can find whether that bill have moved out of committee. It will also reveal how the committee members voted.


Eagle Forum Newsletter February 23, 2019 by Kathy Wilmont

Eagle Forum Newsletter
February 23, 2019 by Kathy Wilmont 308-340-3987

LB165 (Hunt) Education committee 2/26 Hearing – Adopt the Too Young to Suspend Act -The purpose is to prohibit early childhood education in kindergarten students from being suspended or expelled from school except in very limited circumstances. Oppose Ed Committee Chair:

LB 492 (Wayne) Urban Affairs Committee 2/26 Hearing – Adopt the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act –


Editorial #48 Parental Rights LB167, LB 504, LB727 aired March 5, 2019

Editorial # 48 Parental Rights, March 5, 2019

When politicians openly support infanticide or illogically deny security issues that are as simple as locking our doors (our border in this case), one must question how we got here and ask: “Is my thinking faulty?”

The only plausible explanation is: something is infecting society with this gloom and doom by allowing all this dysfunctionality to have traction and not be questioned as wrong,


Editorial #47 Environmental Over-Reach LB 243 aired Feb. 28, 2019 re-aired April 4, 2019

Editorial #47 Environmental Over-reach, February 28, 2019

The interesting thing about any movement is they gradually sneaks up on us with LB 243 another example. This bill creates The Healthy Soil and Water Task force, sponsored by Senator Tim Gragert. He is spot on regarding his agronomic analysis but if we really wanted more farmers to go the direction he wants, the State needs to enable higher farm profits by getting out of the pocket of farmers and ranchers.


Editorial # 45 Illegal Immigration LB 502 aired Feb. 26, 2019

Editorial #45 Immigration, February 26, 2019

Most of us remember the tragic bank robbery in Norfolk, Sara Root’s senseless death, the violent death of Louise Sollowin and then Mollie Tibbetts — the searing pain experienced by those families is near and dear to all Nebraskans.    And yet, Senator Megan Hunt of District #8 has introduced a bill to create a sanctuary status in our state, Nebraska the “good life”.   It wasn’t good for Sara,


Editorial #44 Societal Demise LB 167+504 Feb. 21, 2019

Editorial #44 Social Decay Feb 21, 2019

With almost universal agreement from anyone who is involved with and/or cares about their community, the common remark about what they see in society today is: “How can things seem to be so bad and dysfunctional?”  How did we get to a point where anti-patriotic actors become heroes with practically every TV show and movie centered on non-conventional family situations where alternative life styles are glamorized? 


Editorial #43 Climate Change aired Feb. 19, 2019

Editorial # 43 Climate Change February 19, 2019

With the ever increasing number of candidates entering the race to run against President Trump in 2020, there is a battle for which ideas will gain the most support.  With the economy a non-starter for Democrats, there are numerous trial balloons being launched. The list of issues goes from social justice, race reform, gender identity, health care, abortion, income inequality to environmentalism. 


Editorial #42 Civics In School LB 399 aired Feb. 14, 2019

Editorial #42 Civics in School February 14,2019

If we truly live in the freest nation in the world but cannot determine or guide what our public education system is teaching our children, are we really free?

It is amazing how apathetic we have become with the influences of social media and news sources that constantly re-characterizes everything to advance an agenda that seems to violate our core values of truth, fairness,