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Editorial #141 “School Discipline and Entropy” aired February 4, 2020

Editorial #141 School Discipline and Entropy

I always believed most people want to do the right thing and make things better for them self and their family. But with the atrocities we see regarding genocide, corruption, human trafficking, pornography, not to mention abortion, illicit drugs and Satanism, I am no longer convinced that people always desire to do the right thing.

The saying “reality is stranger than fiction” is playing out in the Nebraska Legislature. Senator Mike Groene’s LB 147 is giving teachers legal protection when using physical restraint while defending themselves or others against violence in the classroom. It other words it is allowing teachers to enforce discipline. To be against this proposal would be contrary to any Good Samaritan law. I thought we already had laws against assault and we have the right to defend our self? Senator Groene is finding many teachers are going into a battle zone, when they teach, and The Education Association is not doing enough to protect them.

This teacher protection bill is one step in an effort to stop rules that seems to encourage the destruction of the family unit. Discipline is required in school. Parents are often expecting schools to be day care centers extending their parenting responsibilities to teachers. Before parents return from work, the internet continues teaching kids with video games, not to mention exposure to actual murders, rapes, human and animal cruelty that can never be un-seen after young eyes watch it. This lack of discipline is undermining society. It is creating consumers who are literally living like “there is no tomorrow”, procreating the next generation who are destined to follow the same depravity.

Why is this dysfunctional behavior allowed to continue? Why would anyone not want to stop the destruction of a moral society? It all seems so illogical.

The answer is not the lack of any logic but the law of entropy where everything is constantly moving toward greater randomness…. and I thought a messy room was always my fault. The law of entropy states it is impossible to stop randomness or disorganization. We can only work to slow it down. This means discipline in schools must be in addition to discipline that starts at home and not replace lacking home discipline.

To expect a different result is frustrating and foolish. It is impossible to violate the laws of physics and human nature. Good does not happen automatically. We must all work to set a good example for our children by living and teaching the golden rule, the Ten Commandments and our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity.
Atrocities have always happened, but now are published at a more rapid rate with more graphic images. They will never be eliminate. We need to confront them more quickly so these unintended consequences can be arrested as soon as possible. Supporting LB 147 is a good start.

I am hoping these messages give some insight about things that are concerning and difficult to understand. Our purpose in life is to make the world a better place. To only shake our head, saying things are terrible, does nothing to fix the problem. Agreeing, is only half the battle. If you feel these messages are constructive, please help make the world a better by sharing these thoughts. You can’t light the world by hiding your candle under a bushel basket.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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