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Editorial #142 “Walk for Life” aired January 28, 2020

Editorial #142 Walk for Life

With the pro-life marches commemorating the January 1973 Roe vs Wade decision on abortion, the phrase “Civil Discourse” is popping up with greater frequency. Whenever someone’s politically correct position is confronted, they demands civil discourse be used. It is their plea to allow their questionable social conventions to be acceptable.

The liberal elites knows they are losing control of these narratives to social media with the deep state running out of ammunition to advance their agenda. To calm this down, the “Civil Discourse Card” is played. They declare they are mature, civilized, intellectual adults and demand only polite condescension be used if you don’t agree.

Pro-choice rallies with vagina hats, anti-gun rights demonstrations, impeachment hearings and any expression of controversial, extreme or unpopular positions, civil discourse is demanded. These demonstrations seem to be far removed from what looks like civil discourse with their shock value losing effectiveness.

Last year’s Right to Life March in Washington is a perfect example of hypocritical civil discourse when The Covington High School students were accused of victimizing never Trumpers and pro-choice advocates. The media accused the students of inciting violence. They purposely re-characterized the situation to frame it as racist, saying the students were confronting a Native American veteran and The Black Israelite’s.

The liberal narrative was already “cooked” into the story when they thought they found “fresh meat” to advance contempt for those wanting to overturn the Roe vs Wade and impeach the president.

Quotes like: “I’d bunch that kid in the face”, “how dare they harass a veteran”, “they were yelling racist slogans!” and “the MAGA hat was inciting violence” were accusations proven false by cell phone videos. The media was more interested in advancing their agenda than any form of truth or civil discourse. It resulted in a multi-million dollar settlement against several major media outlets. It was a blessing in disguise with revenge best served cold.

Since the inauguration, politicians are shown to say: “impeach him”, “kill him”, and “he always lies” with statements accusing the president of treason, all with encouragement by the media. But one snarky remark about a liberal elite, the entire news cycle is flooded with demands for apologizes. Liberal politicians put these quotes in campaign ads because they think it gets votes. When statements are made against any liberal elite, that’s grounds for dismissal as it is unbecoming for public officials. So much for their hollow demand for civil discourse and fairness.

To expect the government to make everything free is economically unsustainable. To kill anyone regardless of age is murder. To be offended when confronted with conclusions that violate the laws of physics, chemistry, genetics and economics is an insult to any logical thinker. What does one say to anyone who insists that 2+2=5? Are we to compromise on 4 ½ so we can all get along?

Civil discourse now has a new definition: It means saying nothings against political correctness and demand no one ever say anything that upsets their fragile, snow flake personalities.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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