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Editorial #91 Chinese Civil Unrest aired August 13, 2019

Editorial #91 Chinese Civil Unrest

I am not a big fan of saying we must learn history so we don’t repeat it. History is about all the things that went wrong or were very unusual and not about things that went right. History is very interesting but not that useful. After all, they are simply stories. Only the things that worked are useful to know. All the things found to work are in economics, physics and sciences books. That is what we need to know and why these subjects are studied. The list of things that could go wrong is infinite while there is usually only one right answer to any problem. Studying the right answers makes much more sense and it is a much shorter list. The adage: “we get what we think about” is why only learning history is a problem.

The civil unrest in Hong Kong is a lesson based on knowledge of human nature and the desire for freedom. The gun control zealots in this country should also know that freedom is not possible if the government takes our guns.

30 years ago the Tiananmen Square tragedy happened. There were hundreds of unarmed civilians, who wanted their freedom, killed by gun carrying police. This is what happens when civilians no longer have guns. It is dishonest to exploit terrible mass shooting incidences to advance an agenda of taking away guns. That makes as much sense as sheep pulling out their teeth because wolves, with teeth, are killing them.

Why does the liberal elite in this country want our guns? It is not to stop mass shootings. It is the classic way to control a society and implement their dictates. They want our guns because they do not want resistance after they implement their self-serving, socialistic agenda. The liberal elites think they can get into office by promising to give away all the “Free Stuff” and they do not want the citizens to rebel against them after they fail to deliver on their promises.

We the people are the government of this country. It is of the people, by the people for the people. Any government that takes away our guns is no longer of government by the people, but a government by those with all the guns.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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