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Editorial #93 Mass Shootings aired August 6, 2019

Editorial #93 Mass Shootings

Everyone, including this commentator, is trying to say something profound about the mass shootings this week. The sad part is there is nothing profound to say. There is no law or magic solution that will make this stop. There is only hope that we each do our part by setting examples that the golden rule works.

Violence and war, are the extremes of love and peace. These extremes must exist just like cold must exist to know what is hot. It is impossible to have one without the other. As with everything in life we all try to live in equilibrium. We will always have a happiness and a sadness in our life. All we can do is work toward that which is more comfortable and deal with discomfort.

Entropy is a law of nature. It states that everything in nature is constantly moving toward a more random and chaotic state. Because of gravity we must constantly put forth effort to do something as simple as walking. Anything in life worth having requires work. Things fall and break. Parts wear out and others will do things that we don’t like. Our obligation in life is to teach those around us, starting with our children, how to work and best deal with life.

We don’t need new laws. We already have one that says: Though shall not kill. All we need is the understanding that bad things happen in the world. This is entropy and all we can do is work to slow down the eventuality of disorganization and dysfunctionality.

Today, there is a constant drive to be entertained with movies, games, drugs and search for excitement. As a result we have more violent and explicit distractions than ever before. To expect anything different from what is happening in society is foolish. We always migrate toward that which we think about. Entire industries are built around trying to provide more excitement which people are drawn toward with the predominance being sex and violence. Both are primal and subscribe to Darwin’s theory: survival of the fittest.

The media always points out that which is abnormal. The lack of respect for human life and the desire for 15 minutes of fame a common denominator. Acting out in dysfunctional ways is the quickest way to attract attention. Politicians have a rule: never letting a good disaster go to waste.

Instilling anger is one of the quickest way to get a reaction and fanning the flames of racism and discrimination is the popular tool today. Politicians can do only two things: work to keep things as they are or work to change things. Entropy always in play. The only constant is change and all we can do is deal with it by obeying the law: survival of the fittest and the 10 commandments. Those who are most successful in life are able to solve the problems of change and don’t expect to government to pass laws that will legislate morality for us. We must each do that ourselves.

My heart cries for those who lost loved ones in these senseless acts of violence. They occur every day somewhere in the world with the bigger ones, like plane crashes, making the news.

There will be an avalanche of blame with more guns laws the ridiculous solution proposed. Our founders realized that any law against gun ownership violated the natural law: survival of the fittest. The best way to stop these events from becoming mass tragedies is to have everyone able to protect themselves, instantly. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time. To have politicians think that disarming good people will make us all safer is the thinking that explains the hypocrisy and unstainable solutions we see coming from those who think they should be president. If safety, clean environment and sustainability are what we want, look at the places that have the strictest gun laws, highest poverty, crime and largest debt and notice the party managing those cities who are telling us they should run the country.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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