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Editorial #90 Suicide of Police and Military aired August 6, 2019

Editorial #90 Suicide of police and military

The rate of suicides among our law enforcement officers has been increasing over the last decade with 159 reported nationally in 2018. The number is looking to be over 170 in 2019. It is more than the number killed in the line of duty. The rate of suicides among military veterans is also ahead of suicides for similar aged individuals. Regardless, any suicide is a tragedy.

The tendency has been to use prevention hotlines as a way to intervene. This does not seem to be working as the rate is increasing. Sadly, there will be percentage of the population who will harm themselves. But to have the number continue to rise is disturbing. Why is the rate increasing? It is because we are addressing the symptom and not the real cause of this tragedy. These officers see their mission being undermined by the radical left movements who use it to draw attention to their cause. The biggest change over the past decade is the infection of social media, political correctness and speed at which news travels.

These changes allow and sometimes encourages disrespect to police officers and the military who trying to stop this lawlessness. This divisiveness and outrage is increasing with violence against police, military, border agents and individuals who are trying to make the world a better place. They are ridiculed, attacked, hurt and sometimes killed by mods like MS 13, antifa or social justice warriors with politicians fanning the flames of white on black situations, illegal immigration, faux discrimination and racism. The extremist use it as an excuse to riot against those trying to keep the peace. Riots are very profitable as they can steal and destroy anonymously then apply for jobs rebuilding the very structures they destroyed while enjoying the free stuff they took.

The frustrations we all experience when our values are impugned or deliberately ignored, are compounded by the abuse of law enforcement officers receive, while trying to maintain order, protect property and lives. Sanctuary cities ordered police to stand down, tolerating illegal status while being mocked and attacked by those who consider it their right to free speech and entitlements.

They assemble with masks, in mob fashion, as they are too cowardly to speak out and be recognized individually in a logical, constructive manner. This sort of dysfunctionality is gaining momentum with social justice warriors, community organizers and activists pointing out racism at every turn by anyone who confronts them. The feeling of despair is understandable by our law enforcement officers with the outcome of self-destruction almost expected based on our understanding of human nature and feeling of futility. It is frustrating to tolerate those who ignores patriotism and still want all the benefits of citizenship, while encouraging non-citizens and criminals to be treated better than the poor in democrat run cities with illegal immigrates receiving benefits that veterans and citizens must pay for.

These public servants in blue do not receive the appreciation they deserve. To stop our suicide epidemic, the best prevention is to give them more appreciation, support and encouragement as public servants. This starts at home and must be carried through our schools, communities and government. When someone puts their life on the line doing what they were trained to do only to be mocked and abuse, would depress anyone. Make it a habit to go out of your way to thank our law enforcement officers and veterans for their service in making this country great.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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