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Editorial #82 Value of Free Education aired July 30, 2019

Editorial #82 Value of free education

With all the talking points from the score of democrat presidential candidates, the common denominator seems to be the use of the word FREE.

Free health care, free education, free internet, free housing, free food, free cell phones and the list goes on. Apparently they believe these necessities of life should be a right for everyone, including non-citizens and the government will give them to you if you vote for them. There are only two places in the world where this can happen. One is in a totally socialistic society and the other is prison. Neither is a place where I would want to live.

The hypocrisy of these free ideas is incredible. They seem to have no concept of who is going to pay for it other than those rich corporations. The politicians propagandize the message, hoping those who are not working get the impression that supporting this liberal agenda is fair because the rich got that way by not sharing or stealing from someone else. They say we are a democracy, this is code for mob rule. If enough people vote for them, they will steal it back from the rich. Their solution is forcing the rich to share by taxing success and demand they be more charitable. They forget that Robin Hood was a fairy tale.

The adage that: anything free is worth only what we pay for it, always applies. Education is a case in point. It is a shell game. The education system was originally designed by the founders to provide education for those who could not afford it. The founders also realized the value of education in the growth of the country and decide to make the investment. They made it mandatory to certain age, usually high school. It was to teach the fundamentals of life skills. If anyone wanted an education beyond that in certain disciplines, it was an investment in themselves. They wanted to learn skills to solve problems that are costing money for people or future employers.

When education is free, it evolves into teaching talking points, and turns out to be closer to entertainment so the student doesn’t quit. They are not learning how to solve problems, which is harder and requires considerably more work. The tests are regurgitations and not displays of logic skills needed in the real world. To have our taxes pay for all education is socialistic designed to have everyone think and act in similar ways. This makes society easier to control. Independent thinking and logic are dangerous for the liberal mindset when they demand that 2+2=5 and are taught not to question it.

The true irony of encouraging everyone to get a college education is almost a conspiracy because the liberal elite know it is the best and only way to indoctrinate our future citizens into liberalism. This is exactly what Hitler did to the youth of Germany, and we all know how that turned out.

We must stop this political correctness of our public education systems and be vigilant in watching what is taught in our public schools. The word free is very seductive to children and the uneducated. We cannot be like the mouse who doesn’t realize why the cheese is free, until it is too late.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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