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Editorial #88 Republic vs Democracy aired July 25, 2019

Editorial #88 Republic vs Democracy

Too many politicians and citizens do not know the difference between our constitutional republic and a democracy. The difference is individual freedoms are protected from the mob rule of a democracy. Mob rule is a very dangerous thing. Individuals in a mob will do terrible things that most honest, God fearing citizen would never dream of doing. Because of this difference, the United States is not a democracy, thank God!

In a mob, a group could gather and decide to take your car. This is blatantly unfair and better known as stealing while they play Robin Hood to get votes. This is what happens when politicians say we are a democracy and give you free stuff that is stolen from taxpayers.

There are several kinds of governments in the world ranging from socialism, communism to monarchies and dictatorships. Any of these methods will work if everyone is fair, truthful with no false or self-serving agendas. But, we are all human and must exist in the real world where the basic law of nature, survival of the fittest, applies. This means that if someone can, they will, until they are stopped by an agreed upon set of rules called a constitution. This is what freedom with responsibility means to citizens in a constitutional republic.

Our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity, is the foundation of our constitution. Any other method of government has none of these core values and destined to fail. But even our constitutional republic will fail if we do not follow our core values. That is what is happening now.

This country is experiencing one of its greatest challenges since the civil war. This is the result of the liberal elite completely ignoring our core values. They wrongly think we are a democracy and it is acceptable to ignore these values if a majority agrees with them. This is why illegal immigration, no voter ID and no citizenship questions are so important to them. The liberal elites need a victim class. They want to make it so illegals can vote for them. This is the only reason they care about them say the ridiculous things about the matter. This is compounded by the media and the public education system, spinning any violations of our core values as discriminating, racist, uncompassionate and mean spirited.

All of the drama regarding collusion, illegal immigration, discrimination, racism or any fabricated phobias are perpetrated for the sole purpose of stopping what any patriotic citizen of this country wants. The majority of the citizens of this country want to live by the golden rule, the Ten Commandments, the natural law and our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability with no hypocrisy.

The career bureaucrats, diplomats, lobbyist, public education system and politicians are realizing their dog in this fight is threatened. To keep their dysfunctionality operating, they will resort to hypocrisy and lies to preserve what they worked so hard to establish. Almost without exception, the angst we experience in our lives is the fear of having a majority of our great country propagandized into accepting abortion, reparations, wealth redistribution, socialism and faux racism without realizing how blatantly these positions violates our core values.

This hypocrisy is now being exposed and the liberal elite will stop at nothing to keep things as they are. The old methods of control is no longer working because the current administration can’t be bought, intimidated or controlled. The adage that nothing can be hidden from eventual truth and knowledge is comforting and I believe that right will prevail….I just wish it would not take so long. Nothing worth having is ever free and we must continue the struggle to keep our constitutional republic, if we still have the courage to do so.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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