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Editorial #89 Not Knowing What’s Right aired August 1, 2019

Editorial #89 Not knowing what’s right

There is a very disturbing trend occurring in this country. It is the re-characterizing of anything that does not comply with a liberal agenda. If something happens that is contrary it is spun, forcing it to fit their narrative. This is “fake news” which is simply the re-characterization of the word “propaganda”.

How can issues like abortion, illegal immigration, no voter ID, gender identity, social justice or gun control have any traction if it violates natural law, the ten commandments or our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity? The answer is: it couldn’t if these principles were taught and known by those advancing this agenda.

This explains the anti-religion movement, situational ethics with gender studies replacing civics in schools. It encourages teaching the atrocities and mistakes of history to discredit anyone associated with it and labeling them as demonic and not fit for recognition or leadership, then tearing down the statues of those American heroes.

The movement encourages anarchy through class warfare and accusations of racism and bigotry. The bureaucracies of education associations, environmental movements and civil rights all have an agenda to not solve any problems, but find more victims to justify more funding. There is more money in complaining than fixing.

Today’s brewing civil war is the result of this disturbing trend. This is why there is so much effort to push back a president who is trying to “drain the swamp”. The public school system does not want anyone to teach our core values or patriotism. The politicians, lobbyist, career diplomats, bureaucrats and the millions of federal employees have a very strong incentive to keep things as they are. They characterize their work as “service” but it seems their only objective is to perpetuate and expand the dysfunctionality of government. The only service they are providing is self-serving and their only objective is to stop any effort to make government run like a business.

We have a terrible system of government in this country called a constitutional republic with an Electoral College and capitalistic economy, but it is far better than any alternative, if we have the courage to keep it.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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