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Editorial #79 The Art of War aired June 27, 2019

Editorial #79 The Art of War

In our world there are natural laws that cannot be broken. Gravity, light and evolution are among the physical principles with which we all must deal.

Humans are in this evolutionary cycle that brought us to this point in world history which includes famine, oppression and war. This evolutionary process was noted in Darwin’s theory know as natural selection or survival of the fittest. It is cruel, but it is part of the life cycle we all experience from the moment we are born until our death.

This country was blessed with founding fathers fully understanding these principles and realized the great opportunity to apply them in a virgin territory known as North America.

The process of setting up our system of government was messy, expensive and painful and still in progress today. The evolutionary gene is always present in every living thing. As a result our founders developed a terrible system of government known as a Constitutional Republic with a capitalistic economy. In spite of how bad it is, it is still the best system in the world with little room for improvement…..but that does not keep anyone from trying.

We all have a “free will” but in the evolutionary process there are always consequences with everything we do. Nature insists this be the case. With freedom there is always responsibility. As fundamental as this freedom/responsibility principle is, we are becoming a society that demands the right to do whatever they want, and to hell with the consequences. They think someone else will clean up their mess. It is sad that those who want things to go smoothly are always dealing with the mess of those who don’t seem to care.

Our government has three responsibilities: provide security, infrastructure and make laws that are fair, truthful, sustainable and have integrity. The security ingredient is the most difficult to maintain and is impossible to be completely safe unless you are dead.

To have security we must be prepared to fight against anything that is a threat to our core values, our way of life and domestic tranquility. News is constantly hyping the threats to our security which includes trade wars and military assaults. The obligation of our commander and chief is to know when to fight. The only time to fight any war is when our domestic tranquility it threatened by those who disagree with our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity with threats to fairness the most common.

The formula is simple, but the courage to fight it is where profiles in courage are required. Anything worth having is never free. To weigh the consequences of war with those who disagree with any of our core values is simple. We don’t go to war because we lose a world cup soccer game. We fight wars, including trade wars, when the cost of war is cheaper than the long term cost of not confronting it. There is always a cost if things are unfair, unsustainability and full of hypocrisy. The more patriotic, proud and caring we are about our country, the higher the value we place on those core values. If no one cares or places any value on fairness, truth, sustainability or integrity there would be no wars but I do not think I would want to live in that kind of world.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world better place.

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