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Editorial #78 Do No Harm! aired June 25, 2019

Editorial #78 Do No Harm

I am amazed at the contrasting stories we hear in the news these days. It is almost like the networks are looking at a completely different situations with the story line and conclusions polar opposites.

The Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors when they dedicate their life to helping people says: “Do no harm!” There should be a similar oath required by politicians and news reporters as well. Actually, everyone for that matter. It is difficult to imagine these professionals do not realize the damage being done by advancing conclusions that allows dysfunctionality to further infect our society.

The claims our economy is in shambles while unemployment is at historic lows is one example. The hyping the tragic death of an immigrant child while praising the courage to support infanticide, murdering a thousand babies each day, some after they are born, is sad. Demanding decedents of slaves receive reparations while our veterans are treated like second class citizens after serving this great country, is simply unfair. The elimination of voter identification but require full identification to simply board a plane makes no sense. Advocating the poor be given $1000/mo. to jump start their career, while refusing to fund a wall that would limit the uncontrolled invasion on our boarder by those who want to shark our social safety blanket, is incredible.

What explains these contrasting and often contradicting news stories? How can the sources of these stories wrap themselves in the blanket of compassion and social justice while advocating the violation of commandments like: thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal or thou shall not bear false witness?

The desire for power by the liberal elite that promotes socialism requires the complete dependence upon the government by the citizens. They are easier to control and insures they will receive their vote. We can live in the freest country in the world but will be a slave to a government that we depend upon for our very existence.

The over-reaching of government by social programs, environmental regulations, unchecked immigration, extension of constitutional rights to non-citizens, reducing penalties for serious crimes to address prison over-crowding or the re-characterization of sexual identity as discriminatory, breaking down the very fabric of a family unit which is the foundation of our society, all contribute to this hypocrisy.

The function of government to provide security, infrastructure and make laws that are fair, truthful, sustainable with integrity, is being ignored in this secular world of godlessness, where the means justifies the ends.

The Hippocratic Oath applies to life as well as medicine. Do No Harm! There was a book: “Everything we need to know in life I learned in kindergarten” was true when it was but I am not sure that is true today. I do know that everything we need to know is in the Ten Commandments and need to remain on court room walls and taught in schools again.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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