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Editorial #77 New Political Words aired June 20, 2019

Editorial #77 New Political Words

In this day of differing opinions and contrasting ideas, a completely new set of vocabulary definitions have arrived. These words now have a “black hat” or “white hat” connotation that stirs emotions by their use, practically eliminating any possibility for civil discourse.

Words like pro-life, pro-choice, social justice, health care rights, climate change, safe speech zones, discrimination, diversity, economic freedom, or immigration, each categorizes a person with a full description of what is meant. It was not too long ago when a small book was needed to explain the nuances and logic behind these word definitions.

This is a result of political correctness that seemingly eliminated logic, deductive reasoning and sustainable systems. There is also the insistence that laws of physics, economics and nature be violated with litigation and scorn the remedy for anyone who disagrees or tries to correct them.

With our government actually owning nothing and the fact this country is not a democracy does not stop those who think our government is their sugar daddy and this country owes them everything because a majority of their friends voted for it. Where the resources come from and why they think they deserve to be cared for their entire life, is baffling.

Things they should have learned in grade school: nothing is really free, the world owes you nothing, life is not fair, you can’t give something you don’t have and you will be remembered for what you give not what you get, are all principles that are not taught by their parents and schools over this last generation.

Why and how did this happen? It is the parent’s desire to protect offspring from the trials and tribulations they experienced and doing everything for them to the point the child never really grows up.

Now we have a society of snowflakes where fake news convinces half the country this sort of thinking and behavior is normal and acceptable. Although I think the number is closer to a quarter, this emboldens the believers into thinking is not embarrassing or vacuous. They blame the bad, stupid, uncaring and evil people who oppose them, making it acceptable to do things to detractors that violate their own flawed belief system of tolerance.

All we can do is to teach others our government has only three purposes: provide security, infrastructure and make sure our laws have core values that are fair, honest, and sustainable with integrity. Anyone who violates these purposes and core values, results in the dysfunctionality at which we shake our head in disbelief.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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