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Editorial #76 True Property Tax Relief aired June 18, 2019

Editorial #76 True Property Tax Relief

All attempts at fixing the property tax disaster in Nebraska have failed again. Everyone seems to supports property tax cuts but fear their special program will not be funded is taxes are reduced. They act like a trust baby who thinks if there are checks in the check book, there must be money in the account. Of course, no one wants their pet program eliminated, but this uncontrolled spending is getting out of hand and must stop.

The legislature is impotent regarding their ability to reduce property taxes because they do not have any power to affect it. They are quick to point out that property taxes are set and collected by counties, cities and school districts. It is estimated that there are 2500 different taxing authorities in our state and Nebraska has the 7th highest property tax rate in the nation.

There is no incentive for the State Legislature to address this problem because they have no “skin in the game”, yet. They need to suffer the same anguish and pain we experience when we pay taxes, to get their attention.

The Constitutional Amendment 3 or LR3CA, proposed by Senator Steve Erdman, failed in committee so this petition drive was formed to put it on the ballot in 2020 for Nebraska citizens to decide. It simply says: “Property owners will receive a 35% refund of all their property taxes as a credit on their Nebraska State Income Tax Return.”

This will force the Legislature to control spending as it requires the state to pay this refund to the property owners as a constitutional requirement, every year. This is the only way to get the state to deal with uncontrolled spending, and forces them to live within their means as we all must in our daily lives.

If you agree that property taxes are too high and nothing is being done to stop it, please sign the petition when you have the opportunity. If you want to help circulate petitions, contact the website: The address is also on my website under contacts.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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