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Editorial #64 Erosion of Personal Rights aired April 30, 2019

Editorial #64 Erosion of Personal Rights

The erosion of personal rights seems to be a higher priority this session of the Unicameral not to mention the narrative from national candidates running for president. Of the hundreds of bills introduced in the legislature it is surprising how many unwittingly infringe on our rights of ownership while trying to be more fair to certain special interest groups. All the bill that address wealth redistribution, inspections, permission, studies, discrimination or new taxes including environmental or commercial procedures are gradually chipping away at our freedom to enjoy our property and be able to live by the golden rule.

Bills like LB 433 by Senator Matt Hansen, limiting landlord’s ability to manage their rental property, LB 243 by Senator Tim Gragert, that looks for reasons to tell farms how to farm, LB369 by Senator Tony Vargas, that requires notice of immigration enforcement as well as his LB163 that expands the potential for voter fraud with mail in ballots, not to mention LB 502 by Senator Megan Hunt, making it illegal to inquire about anyone’s immigration status, are examples of the liberal elites controlling senators who seem to have little understanding of our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability or integrity.

These liberal senators have taken positions that unwittingly violates the golden rule and forces law bidding citizens to appease the expectations of entitlement by individuals who have little or no ownership in the property in question or know how capitalism works. That is the beginning of the slippery slope of socialism where the government owns everything and where everyone is equally miserable.

It has come to the point where property owners no long own their property, but rent it from the government through the taxes they must pay to keep it. Any attempts at legislation that prohibits discrimination is in itself discriminatory. It makes special protected classes of individuals or groups that senators feel deserve special treatment and consideration. These groups become victims with their numbers becoming an ever larger voting blocks, who will probably vote for their advocates, especially if the voting laws are relaxed so they don’t have to prove they are citizens and eligible.

How do we stop this madness? Our fore fathers warned us that we are a constitutional republic with freedoms, if we can keep it. We the people run this country and hire politician who should know how to manage our resources in the way that has been proven to work. If we continue hiring individuals with little or no business understanding who spends our money to get votes from those who pay little or no tax, we are getting the politician we deserve.
There is no need to study history which is simply a story of all the mistakes that happened in the past. What must be done is perfectly obvious and it is ridiculous to study all the stupid thing in the past that didn’t work. History books don’t tell us what to do, business, economics, science and math books do. So when someone says we must study history to keep from repeating it, is actually part of the problem. There are innumerable things that have been shown to not work. Why study the wrong answers instead of the right ones?

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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