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Editorial #62 Environmental Movement Continues aired April 25, 2019

Editorial #62 Environmental Movement Continues, April 25, 2019

There seems to be no end to using environmental issues to justify dishonest agendas, promote careers or advance socialistic causes. It has giving new life to retired politician, lobbyist and bureaucrats by promoting the man made global warming hoax. They call themselves leaders simply because they are standing in front of a parade of emotional (often misinformed) environmentalist. The irony is these self-appointed spokesmen have few qualifications to speak intelligently on the subject. Most have no scientific training and simply echo the propaganda extrapolated from observations that spreads gloom, doom and fears the sky is falling.

Bills like LB 283 by Senator Wishart’s: climate change study and LB 243 by Senator Gragert’s: soil and water task force, are examples of the Trojan horse approach for funding studies like the Muller Report regarding the President. These studies continue to look for a way, with no evidence, to blame their enemy for something for which they had no involvement. The words “study”, “task force” or “investigation” are almost fighting words and are code for let’s look for a problem so we can blame someone we don’t like for it.

Our planet is warming, carbon dioxide does comes from all breathing animals and rotting material and the Russian are constantly trying to disrupt our system of government. In response, the global temperature have always fluctuated, carbon dioxide does not cause global warming and other countries are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over us. The enemy of these perpetrators are big business, conservative citizens, tax payers who they feel are not paying enough in taxes and those who want a smaller government.

So what is new? These ploys are typical and used as distractions to keep politicians from working on controlling spending and reducing taxes. Instead these ploys look for victims who will vote to keep them in office. Their agenda is socialistic with wealth redistribution by creating more bureaucracies, looking for ways to control our lives and impeach a duly elected president with the means will always justifying their ends, no matter how corrupt.

The only thing that warms our planet is the sun with the variation in temperature due entirely to the variations in solar output outside our biosphere. This has been happening for millions of years, long before man existed. Nothing else explains the ice age. Carbon dioxide is only 10% of the GHG which is heavier than air and found closest to the surface having little greenhouse effect, as a result. This is nature’s way to make sure plants can use it as food to grow. CO2 is also the only component they can blame on business. Regardless, we must all do what we can to care for and conserve our natural resources as well as protect our country from threats. Any effort to legislate ways to control climate temperature is vacuous and insulting to any honest, logical thinker with a basic understanding of chemistry and physics.

Let’s get back to making laws that are fair, truthful, sustainable and have integrity. If this test were used before attempting to violate the laws of physics or economic, not to mention logic, we would not get a sore neck, shaking our head in disbelief at the incredulous activities we see from our elected officials who take our tax dollars to advance these hoaxes.

This is Keith Kube with your Nebraska News Nugget, wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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