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Editorial #297 “What Does ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ Mean?” aired on June 22, 2021

Editorial #297 What does “Love Thy Neighbor” Mean?

“Love thy neighbor as thy self” is another example of a “sacred phrase” being hijacked by liberal elites to advance causes that are narcissistic and anything but blessed.  There is a bad habit of using phrases from the Bible to justify just about anything.  Words like unconditional love, social justice and equity are twisted to condemn “tough love” as void of compassion with “participation trophies” used as a way to hide discrimination. These verbal tricks twists logic to confuse any God fearing souls that advances truth, fairness, sustainability, and integrity.

Language is imperfect, just like the humans who contrived it, and is used more than ever to recharacterize words into “digestible concepts” to hide evil.  Science is a natural convention, giving a foundation to universal truths that are irrefutable.  Two plus two always equals four in base ten mathematics and never three in the spirit of compromise.

Academics recharacterize these human contrived words to reject all inconvenient truths and spawn the chaos needed to divide and conquer.  Getting people unbalanced and confused is a feature, not a bug, in their agenda of creating a new world order.

Their “enlightened” truth preaches:  Life does not begin at conception. Global warming is man-made (No reluctance to use gender here?).  We can borrow our way to prosperity. Everyone is racist except those who find everyone else racist.  Gender and sexuality are completely fluid.  When a government provides everything, does not make us slaves. Perfection is possible with technology. There is no need for personal responsibility or accountability. God is an archaic myth used by backward people who will be marginalized or cancelled by philosophers of religions that declare Islam, atheism, paganism or various self-serving cults as enlightened.

“Modern thinking” is anything but modern, resembling thinking used in the Stone Age. It is constantly changing to meet the times, dangerous and promotes alliances of globalists who put extermination of humanity back on the table, rivalling the global extermination threat from nuclear weapons.  A dirty secret is, this is the intended consequence.  The pursuit of an “optimal” world population of 500 million is actually being carried out now.  Every liberal agenda, be it abortion, climate change, the pandemic, green energy or socialist/communist governance has population control as its common denominator.

The left’s definition of “love thy neighbor” is altered to impose rules, conditions and even revenge against those who are following the teachings of Christ. It rejects traditional fidelity, marriage, monogamy, family and self-sacrifice, but insists their unorthodox, pagan heresy must be wholly accepted.

It kills in the name of love, justifies sexual perversions, human trafficking, prostitution and pornography.  It sanctions Islam’s honor killings, Islamic execution of Christians, pagan killing of the unborn.  Any lifestyle inconveniences are a selfish refusal of personal responsibility, yet insisting on indoctrinating our children to their worldview.  It dictates regulations on environment and population, presuming their irresponsible, irrational and inconsistent philosophy makes them suitable to assume authority.

The good news is people do not follow failed theories.  None of these liberal positions are sustainable or have improved anyone’s quality of life. It is only for the elites who are busy agitating the un-woke general public, the middle class, the self-reliant, the traditional Christian and our American values.  This too will pass, but it is sad so much pain and suffering must be experienced before we remember that only Christian values allow society to be truly free.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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