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Editorial #293 “The Data Journalist” aired on June 17, 2021

Editorial #293 The Data Journalist

There is a new media classification called the “Data Journalist”.  These starry eyed snowflakes are the classic example of “figures lie and liars figure”.  They search through tax returns, voter data, labor stats, health records and census information with the intent of creating problems we didn’t know we had.

The deep state/globalist/elite uses these numerical games to advance agendas of climate change, pandemics, BLM, Antifa, transgender issues and reparations.  They promote the perception their victims deserve special treatment using critical race theory in an effort to hide voter fraud.

These activists journalists generate ridiculous headlines like ” The World Will End Tomorrow, Women And the Poor Most Affected”;  “80% Of All People Who Die In Car Accidents Had A Beer Over the Past Week”; “50% Of All Doctors Graduate In The Bottom Half Of Their Class”; “Joe Biden Got More Votes and Is the Winner”.  The most ridiculous is: “There is a 100% Chance You Will Find any Lost Item in the Last Place You Look”.

This mindlessness is no joke to the low information crowd.  They believe free college will make you smarter and it is not your fault you are poor. They don’t understand that anything free is worth only what you pay for it. They feel entitled to $15/hr for simply for showing up and are told you are a slave if you can’t by a new car, cell phone or flat screen TV on your salary.

Illegally acquired tax returns are leaked and mined to insinuate that businesses don’t pay their fair share, but ignoring the fact that taxing business is a hidden cost always paid by the consumer.  This is done to justify a wealth tax on entrepreneurs who took a chance, using their own money to become successful, without any help from the government. Then government insults them by demanding a large percentage of their profit. This is extortion at a criminal level.

Socialist governments always fail because it makes all citizens equally miserable, while the incompetent government owns everything. When people “own nothing,” there is no incentive to strive for more, to take responsibility or foster positive developments in society.  This breeds rejection of any commitment to marriage, family, faith or community, killing the human spirit.  Socialism doesn’t create anything and can’t spawn the genius of a creative, ambitious community.  It promises “free” everything but it always spirals down to where nothing is provide.  Government creates nothing, it only takes.  It is a parasite feasting on the labor and capital of those who worked hard to own things.

The media and these “data journalists” are not part of a free press that protects our constitutional rights.  They are tools to divide and conquer.  They create a victim class out of these who pay no taxes, distracting them with lies about cheating in a tax system they lobbied to create.

They want us to trust the words: “We are from the government and we are here to help!” This is like the sign “Work will set you free” over the gate of Nazi concentration camps. Our motto should be: “Never forget to ignore “Data journalists!”

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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