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Editorial #270 “Republic vs Democracy” aired March 23, 2021

Editorial #270 Republic vs Democracy

Any citizen who took Civics in high school knows the difference between a republic and a democracy. The problem is our public education system no longer teaches civics to let the next generation know this fact. Civics was replaced with social studies, using American history to put our country on trial to find fault and criticize of our nation’s superior success in exercising true freedom.

The Departments of Education opened a Pandora’s Box to fill the civics vacuum with unscientific and unsubstantiated theories on racism and gender studies. These classes are composed by gurus of grievance while they systematically radicalize students by having them identify as members of various victim groups. This is the classic battle ploy of divide and conquer.

Students are taught to redirect their purpose in life into vengeance and seeking reparations while convicting every national hero of malfeasance and dishonor, leaving them no one to emulate or aspire to so they can contribute to society as mature, responsible citizens.

Civilization elevated the world from disease and illiteracy to satellites, education of all socio-economic groups and micro surgery in contrast to the mongrels and mobs snuffing out these accomplishments in deference to their politically correct policies.

They are being taught an incompatible message of humanity being the most evil inhabitant on the planet, as well as each person being the center of their universe, free to invent their own moral code. Their new definition of “wrong” is applied to those holding “old fashioned” traditions of family, faith and community.

This legitimizes systemic racism and social injustice. It encourages witch hunts and the extortion from honest citizens, their labor and their income. This is their only way to finance and enrich this new class of entitled elites who appointed themselves as overseers of a world plantation. Most of this money spent by the government is for correcting these problems caused by their incompetence.

They exploit the false narrative of Our Country being a democracy. This country has never been a democracy and hopefully will never be “managed by mob rule”. These “mob rule” rioters want to destroy our livelihood for disagreeing with our core values of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity. This has become a war, trying to force us to rewrite, cancel, ignore or redefine what our founders had in mind when they created our Constitutional Republic.

The founders warned: if you give society a democracy, the mob will vote to empty the treasury in two generations. Since then this country survived many wars, foreign conflicts, pandemics and riots all which tore at the fabric of this Nation. Thanks be to God, a majority of sound, level headed politicians stood up to defend our country as a constitutional republic and delivered us to this day.

That fabric is now wearing very thin with the social justice mob and the “woke culture continuing to propagate their dishonest agenda by falsely identifying it as “Christ like”, compassionate and committed to relieving poverty and indigence. Every person, from the legal citizen to the illegal immigrant exists in their minds only to exploit their vote, identity, wealth and to leverage their perversion under mob rule they call democracy.

Our politicians must exercise true profiles in courage to make decisions that pass through the filter of our core values. America DOES have core values, but they have been repressed and locked away by political correctness, globalists and the deep state who abhor national pride and fear a united citizenry. Their quest is a nihilist, godlessness focused on destroying all freedom, hope and ultimately any form of true sustainable humanity.

Our purpose in life is to expose and stop this corruption of our core values by defending our: “Republic for which it stands as one Nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all” by spreading, living and teaching our timeless core values at every opportunity.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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