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Editorial #240 “Evolution and Creationism” aired on December 15, 2020

Editorial #240 Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design

Have we have reach a point where government bureaucrats and the deep state no longer seems to understand any science or the differences between evolution, creationism or intelligent design? They continue to insult their intelligence by trying to justify their stupidity by saying “the consensus of scientists” as though science is a democracy where “majority rules”.

They propagandize their low information voters with the platitudes: “We follow the science.”, “We want to bring everyone together.”, “Let’s unite and not divide.” with the ultimate martyr complex line: “We are trying to save the planet.” These empty mantras, with no action items, have accomplished none of their flowery wishes, only making matter worse.

They campaign by repeating these vacuous sayings, wanting everyone to be happy when you elected them. The only way they win elections is by saying nothing, so to not upset anyone, while encouraging the perpetual spending of tax dollars that never addresses the problem, only the symptoms.

The reason we never hear their plans is because they do not have one nor do they understand the problem. Liberal politicians win elections by saying they are going to give away money to those who don’t pay taxes. They hate Trump because he wants to stop the corruption upon which they depend for their existence.

Liberal politicians need their mindless followers to ignore the science of evolution and heaven forbid if they believe in a God that created the universe. They cannot use any logic and still win elections. They simply tell everyone what they want to hear to gain power so they can retry all the things that violates the laws of physics, chemistry, biology and economics at the expense of the tax payer who suffer the consequences when they continue to accomplish nothing.

The planet continues to warm, despite spending over $20 trillion since the 1980’s to slow it down. The more the economy is locked down, the worse the pandemic has become. There is no data showing lockdowns makes us safer with the media constantly reminding us things are getting worse. They justify the lockdowns by smugly saying it would be a lot worse is they didn’t.

They force the false choice of locking down upon us, destroying the economy, as the best way to stop a virus with a mortality rate of less than one percent. It is actually more dangerous driving to work if you are under 65. This is never mentioned as it minimizes their scare tactic with their real objective to weaponize this pandemic.

The list of vacuous examples continues: Gun control laws is making gun violence worse. BLM anarchy is no way to eliminate racism. All the spending on controlling man-made CO2 has not made the planet cooler. Declaring that mail in ballots with no identification required, no matching signatures, outdated voter rolls with the dead, felons or individuals who no longer living in that state, ballot harvesting and motor voter registration will not compromise election results violates any hint of common sense.

To say they follow the science is laughable. They actually ignore all the science by re-characterizing the empirical evidence and disciplines to advance their agenda. It is sad they failed to understanding the meaning of evolution, creationism and intelligent design.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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