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Editorial #190 “Politicians are not Leaders, they are Guides” aired July 9, 2020

Editorial #190 Politicians are not Leaders, they are Guides

There are few things more insulting to true Americans than when someone calls a politician a leader. They are not leaders. They are simply guides or managers doing that which “we the people” give them permission to do, that is to follow Our Constitution.

“We the People” are the leaders of the country and we hire and pay executives to run it like a business to do only three things: 1. Provide security, 2. Provide infrastructure and 3. Make laws are fair, truthful, sustainable and have no self-serving agenda.

All businesses run like a benevolent dictatorships that follow the principles of capitalism. A business thrives when it solves a problem that is costing their customer money. The better they accomplish that, the more successful they are. In the case of government, their job is to use our tax dollars to reduce future expenses. The old adage applies: “A stitch in time saves nine.” Honest politicians are not supposed to use our taxes to buy votes someone else’s vote.
Leaders only exist in the military, business and are actually dictators. All dictatorships work very well if the leader is altruistic, honest and doing what is best for the majority. Good dictators are like parents using tough love with the family’s best interest the only thing that matters.

The situation gets messy when “We the People” are the dictators in a democracy, where the majority rules. That is why we have a constitutional republic where the congress, we selected, is supposed to do what we would do in the same situation. After all, they passed the interview process we call an election. It is incredible that any politician is ever elected to help manage the biggest business in the world with no business experience.

Considering the balancing act elected politician must follow, it is surprising it works as well as it does. These politician are people who love to be love, but like good parents they can’t be friends with their kids by spoiling them. They must also be respected. It is very difficult to be both respected and loved but if one must chose, it is most important they be respected. These kids will eventually be parents and must rule with tough love because we are now suffering the consequences of offspring that does not contribute but only takes from society.

Our founders realized this. Their brilliance was in their understanding that human nature is very cruel and selfish. But to have our society survive, it must have rules that are fair, truthful, sustainable and have integrity. Our politicians should not be embarrassed if everything they did was on the front page of the newspaper. That is integrity of which we should all strive to acquire.

The bottom line is: Our country was built by geniuses that any idiot can run. But to have it work, the real leaders of the country, WE THE PEOPLE, must know why it works and our responsibility to select good business managers. This country won wars that protected our core values. Our leaders “WE THE PEOPLE” must set the example of how to live those core values. If everyone followed your example would the world would be a better place? GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

This Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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