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Editorial #192 “The Reduction of CO2 did Nothing” aired on July 14, 2020

Editorial #192 The Reduction of CO2 did Nothing

Since the country’s shutdown, because of this pandemic, the CO2 levels have fallen to levels not seen since 1970. One would conclude the world’s climate would be a little cooler now as a result and there would be fewer hurricanes and heavy rain storms as well as slowing glacial melting.

The fact is Siberia is experiencing the hottest summer on record, with areas reaching over 100 degrees. There are also more hurricanes and more heavy rain storms this year with the glaciers melting just as fast.
What are the climate alarmists going to do? The reduction in CO2 levels are now far below the targeted levels proposed in any of the protocols by the Paris Accords or United Nations Resolutions. Who will be the new culprit for climate change, if their main suspect now has an alibi?

Over 70% of all greenhouse gas is water vapor and dust. Only 400 parts per million of our atmosphere is CO2 with human activity contributing only 10% of that amount. It is so small that it is incredible to think man-made CO2 could have any impact on our climate. That amount of CO2 contributed by human activity is like pouring a 12 oz. can of beer into an Olympic size swimming pool each year.

To make matters worse, the tooling to make renewable energy equipment like electric cars, wind towers and solar collectors have a larger carbon footprint, while being manufactured, than the amount of the carbon it reduces during its operational life, before it wears out and must be replace or abandoned.

The man-made global warming is in the same pile as the black lives matter hype and the over-reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is sad that so much money and energy is wasted on that which has no solution or overly hyped. By far the biggest problem the planet has is plastics followed by electronic waste of which very little is being done to address. Both are definitely cause by human activity.

The black lives matters movement requires a belief that blacks are killed at a far higher rate, while police are doing their job stopping crime. The fact is 52% of all police killings are white, while only 26% are black.

To keep the pandemic hoaxes going, it needs as many causalities and deaths as possible and it have it appear to be more deadly than any other virus, which is not true. It is the excuse for forcing the country to social distance, which does not save lives. It only reduces the clogging of hospital emergency rooms and trashes the economy. As with any virus, we will all get it sooner or later, until herd immunity is achieved. If one does become infected, the survival rate is over 98%. If one is under 65, it is more likely one would be killed in a car accident while driving to work.

These are modern examples of propaganda that has infected society for millennia. They are weapons to advance a dishonest agenda. The redeeming part is, now with social media and the speed news travels, it is considerably easier to notice when it is propaganda. The difference in the past was we did not notice we were being indoctrinated. Today, propaganda is not working nearly as well as before the 24 hour news channels and social media bombed us with fake news. Social media and network news are now trying much harder, as they know they are losing control of the narrative. Propaganda today is echoing the old Yogi Berra aphorism: “There is so much of it that no one notices it anymore.”

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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