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Editorial #189 “The Consequence of Consequences” aired July 7, 2020

Editorial #189 The Consequence of Consequences

In the 1960’s there was TV game show called Truth or Consequences where if a contestant gave the wrong answer to a trivia question, the player had to do a wacky stunt. Today, the ridiculous answers being given to solve this pandemic or questionable police practices is not much different. This pandemic and the Black Lives Matter riots has cause a huge consequence with similar results to that of the silly game show. Things we consider very important and sacred before are being ignored with the consequences these riots and unfounded fears from this pandemic.

The, so called, experts are predicting things that never happened before when compared to the thousands of other viruses about which we know. Why is herd immunity ignored now while nature used it to protect the species for many millennia? Why is a resurgence considered a disaster and something to fear, and a signal of mismanagement while other flu infections commonly reoccur? Why are deaths from H1N1 and pneumonia no longer reported but being lumped together and called Covid-19 deaths? Why is the daily decrease in Covid-19 deaths not being reported while new infections are always leading the headlines?

The increases in Covie-19 infections after hundreds of thousands of test is inevitable and cannot be blamed on poor leadership, after inconsistent application of social distancing demands are ignored. Sooner or later we will all get it, as nature takes its course. It is vital to the liberal agenda that cases continue to increase. There are reports of nurses sending in new, unused, sterile test swabs for analysis that came back positive. The hypocrisy of condoning riots but condemning parties on the beach or going to church are the consequence of this hypocritical logic. They want to instilling fear of death if we are do not follow their mandates about a disease where the recovery rate is over 97% of all reported cases.

Since 2017, over 2700 people died while police were doing their job stopping crime, of which over half were white. But riots for justice are all we hear, when only 26% of those killed by police were black.

To add to the hypocrisy, nothing is being done to stop the abortion of millions of babies each year of which over half are black, but only 13% of the population. They celebrate when abortion clinics are considered necessary and stay open, but nothing is done to encourage black fathers to raise their kids in a two parent home.

These inconsistencies are very curious when placed in the circumstances of today’s political environment. This war is for our minds and has two sides who want exactly the opposite things to happen. One is trying to return to normal as quickly as possible, while the other side is finding every excuse to keep this madness going with the consequence of destroying the country.

The protestors are taking no personal responsibility for their actions. None can articulate what they really want done, but are quick to complain about faux systemic racism and the fabricate statistics from polls that are misleading or wrong regarding the pandemic or police crime.

The chaos in Seattle is only the tip of the iceberg with anarchy, murder, rape and extortion the predictable results. These thugs and the liberal left demand changes they don’t understand and can’t describe much less give examples of what worked before after following their demands.

The only explanation for this madness is they have nothing to lose. These are consequence of sanctuary city policies, poor public school education, political correctness and socialistic movements spawned by liberal colleges, cities and states where this misguided illogical thinking is what they believe will make the world a better place. It is absolutely incredible this could happen in the greatest country on earth.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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