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Editorial #188 “Does Lincoln Need a New Name?” aired June 30, 2020

Editorial #188 Does Lincoln need a new name?

What is the purpose of rioters tearing down statues, demanding name changes, while looting their own neighborhoods and destroying our cities? It can’t be because they want to fix anything. No one is that stupid or are they?

There is no remedy acceptable to them nor do they really want one. There is much more political advantage by keeping this chaos going. They want anarchy and the country in shambles because that is the only way they think they can win the up-coming presidential election.

Re-characterizing history and inciting riots is how dictator governments are formed. Anarchist’s gain power by convincing low information voters they have simple answers to complicated problems, always blaming someone else in history for their problems. This pandemic, Black Lives Matter and the economy are a perfect storm and is being hijacked and exaggerated, making society ripe for indoctrination.

In this perfect storm: control health care, increase poverty, increase the debt, remove the ability to self-defend, control the schools, remove God with the state the only authority and divide society into factions are all happening. They are happening because the storm is making everyone scared. This is right out of “The Rules for Radicals”.

The statues and names of famous people are part of our history. No one is perfect, but they did manage be make us into the greatest country in the world. Those who have not sinned or those who accomplished more, can be the first to pull on the rope to remove these monuments. These anarchist are like children misbehaving in school. They want to see how far they can push the teacher before being stopped.

These thugs and the virtue signalers who support them have no credibility or moral standing nor have they accomplished anything that deserves any consideration. They have no examples of ever developing a successful, moralistic, fair society of which we would want to be a part? No one voted them into any position of authority. The only examples of their influence are cities with dirty streets laden with crime that are bankrupt. The only common denominator is these cities and states are managed by those who permit, if not encourage, this madness.

If mob rule can intimidate government officials, businesses, sports franchises, universities and public schools along with enough people who want to vote for those who support this, we are in big trouble. Not only are the names and statues of our forefathers and national heroes endangered, but the names the capitols of Nebraska, Wyoming, California, Minnesota, Ohio and Missouri along with our Nation’s Capitol. Cities like San Francisco, San Antonio and Corpus Christi will soon to be added to the list. Religious statues and church windows will not be far behind.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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