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Editorial #122 Nationalism, aired November 26, 2019

Editorial #122 Nationalism

I am concerned about the way the word “Nationalism” is being used.

I grew up with the impression that Nationalism was something of which to be proud. It expressed loyalty to the United States as a team of which we were the best in the world and we hated communism. We never lost a war, were always competitive in the Olympics and tried to do what was best and right in the world.

My naïveté matured when I went to college in the big city. I was surprised that not everyone thought that way. The Viet Nam war, Watergate, the first Earth Day, losing a basketball game in the Olympics all chipped away at my image of my country being the “Knight in Shining Armor”. I realized that reality always sets in and things don’t always turn out perfectly.

After 9-11 Nationalism started to take on another meaning. It became associated with Nazi, which means National in German, making an association with Hitler and his atrocities that made the word into something evil. I saw a friend’s child kicked out of day care in California because her son called his classmate a Nazi.

The word “White” has now been added to the word “Nationalism”. Their words “White Nationalist” describes any enemy of the liberal elites and associated with Neo-Nazi and anti-fascist for greater emphasis. It is becoming difficult to know which side these movements are on, but they are all disruptive which seems to upset the core values of our great country.

Left wing factions are saying Nationalism means the United States is undeserving and too proud, which angers other countries. They declared the US is conceited and self-serving which justified the bombers killing thousands on 9-11.
The propaganda of political correctness is making practically everything offensive. Their reasoning is: if someone is offended, everyone else must also be offended. Discrimination is becoming a political weapon. It is a perfect tool to neutralize any argument and they will find any excuse to use it. The irony is: those who feel offended by discrimination are usually the best example of it.

Programs are now being developed for teachers on how to spot secret signs, words and symbols that show activity they consider to be White Nationalism or Neo-Nazi. They see it as a form of bullying.

These programs teach that White Nationalism, Neo Nazi, homophobia, gender discrimination, racism or toxic male awareness is something that must be pointed out and confronted, justifying their work in social engineering. This doesn’t seem to be working as it exacerbate the discrimination and bullying activity they are trying to eliminate by placing so much emphasis on it by constantly pointing it out.

The surprising part is, as test scores are falling, schools are replacing the fundamentals of reading, math, science and civics with gender studies and these social justice programs. The values of patriotism, self-sufficiency and learning how to solve problems no longer seem to be the top priorities of our education system.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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