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Editorial #121 Political Correctness and Business, aired November 21, 2019

Editorial #121 Political Correctness and Business

The word elitism is now being used as a more polite way of saying condescending, conceited, hubris or closed minded. It is associated with people involved with fake news, the deep state, drain the swamp and liberalism and used to describe left wing politics.

Ironically, these terms are usually thought to apply only to the other sides of the political divide. Commentators are quick to use these adjectives in describing the ideas and concepts that failed to deliver results in making the world a better place. The other side probably think the same thing about us.

Elitism is the act of considering oneself smarter, more informed and articulate. They typically have a degrees in humanities, history or political science from some east or west coast college with no real world experience or credentials…just a lot of credit hours. They become the unelected bureaucrats, lobbyists and political consultants that seem to lack any technical, scientific or logic skills needed in government, business or industry. Typically, they couldn’t pass these courses in college or get a job outside of government. They enamor themselves by saying there are in government service. That means never solve any problems or they would be out of a job.

There are a four core values usually found in businesses that survived the test of time and became a good investments. As in life, business, government and investing: truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity are common denominators and ingredients we admire. Businesses and individuals lacking these traits are often despised with government the poster boy.

The latest trend is to assign political ratings and environmental grades to businesses, sectors and individuals. In a democracy we declare our political party affiliation based on a platform with which we identify. But the reverse is now happening. Liberal elites and environmentalists are assigning and publishing their ratings on individuals and businesses based on their judgment with the help of the liberal media. They use it to advance their agenda, candidate or bureaucracy. This is closer to a dictatorship where the government tells us what to think and do.

Social justice warriors are now reviewing companies, for investing, to determine if they subscribe to their values on gun control, environmentalism and social reform. Fossil fuel companies and gun manufacturers receiving low ratings with alternative energy companies and politically correct businesses receiving the high ratings.

China has been using this big brother tactic with technology, data mining and facial recognition used to influence public opinion and behavior. Governments justify this by saying it encourages good citizenship, in their opinion, with privileges like allowing travel and economic rewards given. Public humiliation with loss of privileges or higher fares and taxes for those judged inferior.

Hilbert said nothing can be kept from eventual truth and knowledge with WC Field once saying: it is a sin not to let a fool part with their money. To completely ignore our core values and the natural selection process of physics, chemistry or economics, is a formula for bankruptcy and disaster.

The liberal elites insist on using failed social engineering experiments and 60 year of dire environmental predictions that haven’t come to pass. This only exacerbates confusion and irrational fears that the sky may be falling and makes matters worse because of political correctness that is encouraged by elitism.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the word a better place.

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