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Editorial #120, Confidentiality, aired November 19, 2019

Editorial #120 Confidentiality notes

As mentioned in Editorial #117 the political correctness agenda has redefined words with truth and fact no longer meaning the same thing. Similar re-characterizations have occurred with the word confidential now meaning the same as classified. This ploy is used to lock down information and want nothing released that may upset a liberal agenda.

The current administration, in the spirit of transparency, is now requiring agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, Center for Disease Control and the American Cancer Institute to release all raw data used in making proclamations, regulations and rules. This means letting facts be accepted as truth, assuring any claims of gloom and doom have merit.

There is considerable objections to these new rulings by these agencies. Any logical individual would want laws affecting our well-being be based on proven studies that stood the test of peer review and replication. The major excuse used in not allowing their data to be scrutinized is confidentiality. They actually want their data to be classified and not for public consumption for fear of exposing their fraud. This excuse is the new weapon of the liberal left. They say their witnesses no longer need to testify or their scientists don’t need to show their data as we should take their word.

Bureaucrats, involved in issues like climate change, water standards, air quality or the naming of carcinogens, use studies from groups who are often more versed in politics and fund rising than scientific research. Al Gore is the poster boy for this sort of inductive reasoning where conclusion are drawn first, only using data that advances their agenda. With this approach, none of the global warming disaster predictions have come to pass in his “Inconvenient Truth” movie.

Questions like: How much would the climate change if man-made CO2 was completely eliminate? How many fewer people would die if there was no air pollution? What would be difference in the IQ of children if there was no lead in paint or mercury in burning coal? Based on their studies most of the answers to these questions would be a close to no change. Answers need to know if there are major difference and determine what is acceptable before we are forced to live under a rock and eat only cold food so nothing is burned for making our food or staying warm.

Social justice warriors always take the most caution option. Their lazy reasoning is any dirt in our air, water or surroundings should be completely eliminated and not to miss the opportunity to do something before it is too late. Of course that would be wonderful if everything was perfectly clean, but we do not live in that kind of world and all of us are going to die of something, someday.

Having their data classified is very convenient for keeping false agendas alive. One can now lie and hide behind confidentially, yet claiming they must be believed because the say it is so. They believe the ends justifies any means to accomplishing it.

Supreme Court judge hearings, Impeachment witnesses and bureaucratic dictates are all using this confidentiality/classified excuse in their accusations and scientific claims and feel they should not be subject to penalties for perjury. If these lies are not tested or exposed, it makes a mockery of our system of justice, our economic system and stops any advances in science if the truth is stifled with inconvenient facts.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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